Stock Watch for Top NBA Prospects After Round of 64 of NCAA Tournament

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterMarch 23, 2013

Stock Watch for Top NBA Prospects After Round of 64 of NCAA Tournament

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    With the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament complete, let's address the performances of the top NBA prospects and see if any of their draft stocks have been affected by what went down. 

    Many of the top prospects got bounced early from the Madness. Otto Porter, Marcus Smart, Anthony Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad, Steven Adams and Spencer Dinwiddie were all escorted out before the party even started.

    It's rare that any one game will move the needle, but every scouting department and evaluation team views things differently. Sometimes, all it takes is one play or performance to turn the nob up or switch it right off.

20. Allen Crabbe, California, 6'6'', SG/SF

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    Stock Report:

    Allen Crabbe took it to UNLV in his first game of March Madness, scoring 19 points on 7-of-15 shooting, dishing out four assists and grabbing nine boards.

    Considering Crabbe's only role at the next level will be to score, this was a good showing for scouts against a long and athletic Rebels defense.

    Right now, Crabbe is trying to aim for a spot in the late first round as an off-ball scorer who can shoot and slash. He'll be competing with other perimeter-oriented scorers like Tim Hardaway Jr. of Michigan, Brandon Paul of Illinois and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of Georgia for draft position.

    Crabbe gets Syracuse's swarming zone defense next.

19. Doug McDermott, Creighton, 6'7'', SF

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    Stock Report:

    Doug McDermott scored 27 points and pulled in 11 boards in Creighton's win over Cincinnati.

    It was a typical performance for McDermott, who shot 11-of-11 from the stripe to help seal the deal for the Bluejays.

    While McDermott has appeal as a three-point specialist, his offensive instincts can't be ignored. He's always aware of where the rim is, showing the ability to catch on the move and go up before his man is able to challenge.

    He'll certainly entertain first-round looks because of his unique accuracy from the outside, but it's his all-around feel for the game that gives him a higher ceiling than just a one-dimensional shooter.

18. Spencer Dinwiddie, Colorado, 6'5'', PG/SG

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    Stock Report:

    Spencer Dinwiddie was a non-factor in Colorado's first-round loss to Illinois, getting into foul trouble early before making his first basket with only a few minutes left in the game.

    He finished with four assists, showing off his strengths as a playmaker and distributor, but finished just 1-of-8 from the field. He looked flat, which likely had to do with the foul trouble that killed his rhythm.

    This obviously wasn't a game Dinwiddie will go out on, so expect him back in a Colorado uniform next year. He should be viewed as a candidate to rise up draft boards in 2014 because of his size and versatility as a scorer and facilitator at the combo-guard position.

17. Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report:

    Tim Hardaway Jr. always looks good when his jumper is falling. And in the first round against South Dakota State, Hardaway was in the zone.

    He finished with 21 points on 5-of-7 from downtown and 8-of-13 from the floor.

    The promising thing about Hardaway is that he's just as accurate shooting off the dribble as he is in spot-up situations.

16. Gary Harris, Michigan State, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report:

    Gary Harris was effective in his complementary scoring role, letting the opportunities come to him and cashing in when they did.

    Against Valparaiso, Harris finished with 10 points, including a couple of three-pointers, four assists and four boards.

    Harris still needs work at creating his own offense, as most of it comes on straight drives to the rim, slashes off the ball or spot-up opportunities. But there's visible promise here.

    He'll have a more featured role next year, but he's worth keeping an eye on in case he blows up this tournament. Michigan State gets an athletic Memphis squad in the next round.

15. Steven Adams, Pittsburgh, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report:

    Believe it or not, Steven Adams had one of his most effective games of the year despite Pittsburgh's first-round loss to Wichita State.

    He double-doubled for only the second time all year, finishing with 13 points, 11 rebounds and two blocked shots.

    Though most of his production came late in the game, he showed the ability to finish after contact, and at times weasel his way in for the finish.

    This year was a nice little wake-up call for Adams, who is playing organized ball for the first time in the United States. He'll return as a sophomore at Pittsburgh with a better understanding of the game and more confidence in himself. The lottery is still a possibility in 2014.

14. Jamaal Franklin, San Diego State, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report:

    Jamaal Franklin was big time in San Diego State's convincing win over Oklahoma, finishing with 21 points, eight boards, four assists and two steals.

    He was the clear-cut best player on the floor, taking over as a scorer and a playmaker. Franklin knocked down two of his three three-point attempts and was creating off the dribble. One of the most underrated aspects of his game is his passing ability and facilitating instincts.

    Franklin is the only player in the country to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

    He looked like a first-rounder in San Diego State's first-round matchup and will have the opportunity to build on his strong performance against Florida Gulf Coast in Round 2.

13. James Michael McAdoo, North Carolina, 6'9'', SF/PF

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    Stock Report:

    James Michael McAdoo looked good offensively, demonstrating his size and agility as a face-up, versatile mismatch.

    He was attacking off the dribble, stopping and popping while under control. He hit a few jumpers on the perimeter and did his thing as finisher at the rim.

    McAdoo scored 17 points in the win over Villanova, and honestly didn't see the ball enough in the second half.

    This was good place to build from if he plans on making this his last run at the college level. But one solid performance won't do it. McAdoo needs to string together a couple of solid performances to reclaim some of his lost supporters.

12. Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report:

    Though Gonzaga's first-round matchup inexplicably came down to the wire, Kelly Olynyk was rock solid throughout.

    He finished with 21 points and 10 boards, scoring in every possible way that a center can score.

    Olynyk showed off the back-to-the-rim game, the face-up, off-the-dribble game and the perimeter stroke.

    But we knew he was capable of this. What we're waiting to see is Olynyk go head-to-head with an NBA-caliber big man who has the size and athleticism to match up.

    Unfortunately, there aren't any NBA-caliber big men, outside of Arizona's young trio, left in the West bracket.

11. Glenn Robinson III, Michigan, 6'6'', SF

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    Stock Report:

    Scouts were likely drooling at Glenn Robinson III in Michigan's first-round matchup with South Dakota State.

    He looked like a near clone of Andre Iguodala, finishing smoothly at the rim and knocking down spot-up shots on the perimeter. 

    Robinson finished with 21 points on 8-of-9 shooting from the floor, hitting all three of his three-point attempts.

    This is the type of kid whose stock could skyrocket with a breakout NCAA tournament performance. If he stays hot, look for Robinson to bolt after this year.

10. Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse, 6'6'', PG

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    Stock Report:

    Syracuse's matchup with Montana was a laugher from the start. Michael Carter-Williams' size played a big role, as he was able to overwhelm defensively and effortlessly attack with the ball.

    He finished with eight boards, nine assists and four points, but there was nothing to take from this one.

    Keep your eyes on Syracuse's next matchup with California, as Carter-Williams should see a decent amount of Allen Crabbe, a 6'6'' lengthy defender.

9. Trey Burke, Michigan, 6'0'', PG

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    Stock Report:

    Trey Burke couldn't find the bottom of the cup, but didn't let it affect his ability to manage the Michigan offense.

    He finished 2-of-12 from the field with seven assists, some of which were awfully pretty.

    Burke is in position to boost his draft stock if he can guide this Michigan offense through a South region that has Kansas and Florida in its path.

8. Mason Plumlee, Duke, 7'0'', C

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    Stock Report:

    Mason Plumlee was a man among boys against Albany, who had nobody capable of challenging him on the interior.

    He went for 23 points and eight boards on 9-of-11 shooting, finishing anything and everything at and above the rim. 

    Plumlee will have a big test in Round 3 against 6'9'', 260-pound Greg Echenique of Creighton, whose physical style of play can throw some guys off course.

7. Victor Oladipo, Indiana, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report:

    There isn't much to take from Indiana's beat-down of James Madison. Victor Oladipo went for 11 points and six boards in what was a pretty standard performance at this point in the year.

    Oladipo has bought himself some protection. Not even an off-game, which he rarely ever has, would dent his draft stock at this point.

    However, there is room for his stock to grow.

    Never underestimate the power of love. Oladipo is the type of player who general managers could fall in love with. If he starts taking over games in the tournament the way he took over them in conference play, it would increase the chances of a team reaching for him in the lottery.

6. Cody Zeller, Indiana, 6'11'', PF/C

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    Stock Report:

    Cody Zeller finished with 11 points on 4-of-5 shooting against James Madison, converting his scoring opportunities without being bothered.

    In Round 3, Zeller will face a small front line that he should have his way with. Zeller is in a position where his stock could change for the worse with a disaster performance, or for the better if he leads Indiana to a FInal Four run.

    The skill set isn't in question—it's the mental and physical toughness.

5. Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA, 6'6'', SG/SF

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    Stock Report:

    Shabazz Muhammad finished with 20 points on 0-of-6 from downtown, but he didn't rack them up the way that scouts would have hoped.

    Muhammad's lack of creativity was made evident once again. Without Jordan Adams, this was an opportunity for Muhammad to take over offensively, but he wasn't able to make anything happen.

    He's a strong finisher in transition and as a slasher in the half court, but generating his own offense in isolation just isn't his thing.

    Scouts might start to view him as a complementary role player, lowering his ceiling and deflating his stock. It would help if he was a presence on the boards or defensively, like Otto Porter, but he's not.

    Muhammad's stock is trending down, and he'll need to have a strong pre-draft process to boost it back up.

4. Anthony Bennett, UNLV, 6'7'', SF

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    Stock Report:

    If Anthony Bennett ends up declaring for the NBA draft, this won't be the note he'd like to leave on.

    Against California, he looked passive and hesitant, and at times faded away from contact instead of embracing it. Bennett didn't look as physical and powerful as he normally does, which could worry some who have questions about his ability to play power forward at the next level.

    Bennett still double-doubled for 15 points and 11 rebounds, getting himself easy points off misses and by sealing off his defender in the post.

    It shouldn't affect his overall draft stock, but it could have dropped him down some scouting departments' NBA draft boards.

3. Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, 6'4'', PG/SG

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    Stock Report:

    Marcus Smart just couldn't get it going against Oregon, resulting in an early exit from his first NCAA tournament.

    He finished with 14 points, nine rebounds, four assists and five steals, but struggled to find a rhythm as Oklahoma State's primary playmaker.

    At the end of the day, a team that has been targeting Smart isn't going to change its stance based on this one game. His reputation as a winner and floor general supersedes any one individual performance.

    Smart should enter the draft with the potential to be the first lead guard off the board.

2. Otto Porter, Georgetown, 6'8'', SF

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    Stock Report:

    Otto Porter struggled from the field in Georgetown's humiliating loss to Florida Gulf Coast, finishing with 13 points on 5-of-17 from the floor and 11 boards.

    From what I'm hearing, the public's perception of Porter's identity is slightly skewed. He's not a guy who's going to take over a game offensively. Without anyone else on the roster capable of generating their own offense, Porter is forced to play the role of a primary scorer. And that's just not his game.

    Porter is a complementary scorer who plays off his teammates, and not the other way around. Creating his own offense isn't one of his strengths.

    He's the type of guy you picture as a role player on a winning team.

    Porter already solidified his status as premier prospect in the field, and this loss shouldn't bring him down individually.

1. Ben McLemore, Kansas, 6'5'', SG

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    Stock Report:

    Ben McLemore was a non-factor in Kansas' hard-fought win over Western Kentucky, but it shouldn't affect his draft stock.

    Kansas' offense is very methodical, allowing for minimal individual offensive freedom. McLemore's inability to get involved also had a little to do with the fact that the team doesn't have a natural point guard to run the show.

    He doesn't project as a go-to scorer, lacking in the creativity department, so low-key scoring games like these should be expected.

    Unless something drastic happens, expect McLemore to remain atop our prospect rankings for the 2013 NBA draft.