Sir Alex Ferguson's Most Infamous Feuds

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalMarch 22, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson has been in charge at Manchester United for over a quarter-century, during which time he’s won countless trophies and indulged himself in countless feuds. 

In terms of players, Ferguson’s must famous fallout has to be the one that played out with David Beckham. Beckham mania appeared to be threatening Ferguson’s project at United; Ferguson exploded and kicked a boot that hit his star attraction in the face. The pair have kissed and made up since. 

Ferguson has also fallen out with—amongst others—Jaap Stam, Roy Keane and Paul Ince.

And then there are the managers. Ferguson vs. Arsene Wenger was a battle that raged fiercely at the height of the rivalry between United and Arsenal. Ferguson vs. Kevin Keegan came before it. Ferguson vs. Rafa Benitez is still ongoing.

It’s not just Ferguson vs. other people, either. Sometimes he goes up against big organizations, too.

In this clip, B/R lead writers Will Tidey and Michael Cummings run down some of Fergie’s most famous feuds.