Ridiculous Russian Karate Kick Knockout May Warrant Your Attention

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When all else fails, perform a spinning, upside-down flip kick to take out your opponent. 

Deadspin spotted a karate kick that even Mr. Miyagi would be proud of. 

Let's get the details out of the way so we can sit in awe and savor an insane move nobody saw coming, not even the guy who took a foot to the dome. 

Yahoo! Sports EuroSport reports: 

The stunning overhead kick came out of nowhere in a bout that took place in the PPO Karate Championships in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk, a remote city on the Volga river some 900km east of Moscow.

The report states you are watching two fighters in engaged in Shinkyokushin rules battle, which means a ton of contact with no protective gear. Hoorays for all. 

They note the only call for safety comes from a ban on using anything other than legs or feet to strike the head: no hands, arms or forehead. 

Well, no problem. 

From the start of the video, we are all-in. Two guys are engaged in fierce battle and the punches are quick and violent. 

Still, I had no idea this thing would have ended with something, as Yahoo! Sports references, that is clearly out of Street Fighter II

Dhalsim is indeed real, and he is fighting out of Russia. 

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