Marshall Henderson: The Best Pics, GIFs and Tweets of the Ole Miss Star

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 22, 2013

Photo Credit: Don McPeak/USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Don McPeak/USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Henderson came, he saw, he shot the ball...a bunch. 

Through all the minutiae of underdogs, Cinderellas, favorites and upsets, there is one player who remains the most vibrant and polarizing. 

Ole Miss just dispatched a Wisconsin team that shot so poorly it's a miracle the ball even managed to hit the floor. 

Along the way, America's favorite collegiate volume shooter did what he did best, and that is chuck up crazy shots. 

So we give you some of the best from a great year for a young man who just wants to get paid already. 

Because everyone loves a heel, let's celebrate a young man who makes the best tournament in sports that much better. If Ole Miss makes a lengthy run in the tournament, it's going to be one remarkable trolling sesh. 



Because most Ole Miss fans have the same expression anytime Henderson shoots the ball. 

He is the guy you can't stand until he is on your team. Here he is taunting Auburn fans after hitting two free throws. 

Remember when he threw ice at his own fans? Yeah, that was great. 

Gator chomp on Florida fans? Yup, he did that. 

Bow before the "landshark." 






When your best player is a national villain of sorts, the fan signs have to be as audacious as the player. 

Now just sit back and scroll through pictures of the biggest Marshall Henderson fan: Marshall Henderson. 




You have thoughts; he has thoughts. Let's see it all unfold. 

And here is some Twitter gold from Henderson, some NSFW. 

There was also that wonderful moment that he dominated some beer pong

If his day wasn't already awesome, Henderson gets love from LeBron James

You either love him—something really only relegated to Ole Miss fans—or you hate him. Make no mistake: He makes this tournament all the more intriguing. 

He certainly makes March far more maddening than it might be, and you don't want to miss a moment of his future antics. 

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