Knockout Alert: Kid Delivers KO of the Year in Karate Match

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Why sweep the leg when you can rolling cartwheel kick the back of the head?

Clearly, the man in this video (he looks young, but he's a man after this) outgrew Mr. Miyagi's advice and went straight to Sensei Seagal for the latest tips and tricks. 

It's the only explanation for such a spectacular knockout. 

While this kick is not entirely new to MMA fans, an effective delivery like the one featured above certainly is. 

Mr. Knockout performs the kick beautifully, smashing his shin into the side/back of his opponent's head and ending the match. 

Flawless victory. 

One thing to note in the video is the absence of palm strikes.

As reddit user CantPluralize points out, hand strikes to the head are illegal in Kyokushin kaikan, whereas kicks—of the rolling variety and otherwise—are encouraged. 

That's good for us, because now we have a worthy contender for Knockout of the Year courtesy of this masterful performance.

The question is, how effective is this technique?

You could ask the recipient of the kick, but unless you want to wait through awkward pauses as he sips a sirloin steak through a straw, I wouldn't recommend that path.

Realistically, the technique was risky, and you probably would not want to attempt it in a street fight or any fight for that matter. When you miss (as shown in the above gif of Mr. Harold Howard), you look like a fool

In that perfect moment when you flip and shin meets skull with ferocious impact, though, you look like a hero.

For those cojones, our little Ralph Macchio receives top marks and a firm high five.

Keep rolling, my friend. 

Just make sure I'm not in your way. 

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