Carmelo Anthony Really Wants You to Watch 'Game of Thrones' Season 3

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Brace yourself: new episodes of Game of Thrones are coming. 

The Basketball Jones spotted a video that serves to remind you one of the best shows on TV is about to start its third season. 

Here is a commercial for the Game of Thrones' season three premiere as narrated by Carmelo Anthony because, well, we have no idea. 

The only real information we get is that March 31 is the big day, and Carmelo Anthony is adept at narrating while shooting a basketball. 

Other than that, there is no mention of the NBA or the upcoming playoffs, things that would normally come with a crossover promotion. 

The Basketball Jones report doesn't mention the impetus behind the video, nor do we get an answer from Reddit, Yardbarker or Yahoo! Sports. Please solve this riddle for me. 

It's almost like 'Melo is merely living the dream of nearly every fanboy who wants to sit on the Iron Throne looking like a king.


Honestly, we didn't need more reason to clear our calendars for the end of the month when we finally get to see Daenerys reunited with her dragons, Tyrion Lannister maneuver out of an awful situation and get more opportunities to hate on King Joffrey. 

But, hey, thanks anyway, Anthony. 

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