Soccer Referee Takes Blind Officiating to New Level, Calls Clear Miss a Goal

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This is either the most generous referee in sports or a prescription for spectacles is in order. 

Deadspin spotted one of the more remarkable videos not pertaining to March Madness at the moment. It comes from a Tercera División fixture. 

As Barry Petchesky notes, that is actually the fourth division in Spanish football. Please don't lose too many brain cells on that fact, because your wits will be needed to understand what takes place in this officiating gaffe. 

A Quintanar del Rey player takes a shot on goal that clearly hits the crossbar and bounces away and to the side of goal. Granted, we have a much better vantage point, but even those on the pitch don't see a goal. 

Every last player continues to play the ball until the ref comes in to stop the action. You can see a bit of confusion on the part of both teams until it's clear what the official is calling. 

From there, the team awarded the goal heads to midfield with the swagger of a team that clearly sent a ball into the net.

Every step seems to say, "No question, guys."

There is no mention of what went down after the goal was called. I can only assume there was open weeping and tearing off of shirts from the team wronged.

Next time you see a bad call from an NFL or NBA official, remember it could be far worse.

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