WWE NXT's Adrian Neville: Could He Be the Next Rey Mysterio?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 21, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE has this generation's Rey Mysterio stashed away in NXT.

Neville, currently working for WWE's developmental system, has a wealth of athleticism and routinely lives up to his nickname "The Man Gravity Forgot." The man formerly known as PAC has the potential to be as thrilling a high-flyer as Mysterio.

Like Mysterio was in his prime, Neville is inhumanly fast.

He springs, flips and flies like few ever have. His brand of wrestling is high-octane athletic entertainment.

Neville's arrival to the main roster won't be as revolutionary as Mysterio’s, but it should be just as fun. Mysterio helped introduce American audiences to the exciting lucha libre style. He made connections with the Latino community that Neville obviously won't make.

Where Neville has Mysterio beat though, is in terms of physique.

Mysterio's small frame has led to him being oft-injured in recent years. He works a demanding style in a demanding business. Years of abuse have left his knees a wreck.

Neville on the other hand, is built much more compactly. Every inch of his 5'9'' frame seems to be packed tight with muscles. This should help keep him upright longer during his WWE career.

His match against Ricochet for Japan's Dragon Gate is a perfect display of his unworldly talents.

There is much to marvel at here. Neville flips forward like some movie ninja. He later follows a missile dropkick with a kip-up that is dripping with smoothness.

The knock on Neville so far is that he's more of a spot wizard than a true worker.

Justin James of PWTorch.com wrote of his NXT debut match, "The match felt really off, like a string of pre-planned spots with filler thrown in to stretch it out. Totally inorganic match."

Ring psychology is among the things Neville must work on during his NXT tenure. Mysterio was ahead of Neville in that department when he started out in WCW.

Still, a look at Neville's match against Drew McIntyre for Real Quality Wrestling in England showcases his ability to put together a complete, dramatic match.

Against McIntyre he sells well, struggling in pain, letting his face snap to the mat. There is compelling theater here and Neville should only get better at this aspect with experience.

Neville's stunning move set should get him over with fans right away.

Like Mysterio, his agility and flying make his mic skills less important. Any deficiencies in his game will be obscured by the glow of his deftness, by his incredible finisher, the corkscrew shooting star press.

It makes sense to compare Sin Cara and Mysterio because of their lucha libre background, their masks and similar styles. Neville though, is a more dynamic, more consistent performer than Sin Cara.

If WWE wants a Tasmanian devil-like star to attempt to replace the legendary Rey Mysterio, it need only look to Full Sail University, to NXT.