WWE: Superstars Discuss Which Retired Title They Want Brought Back

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIMarch 21, 2013


Throughout the history of the WWE, championships have come and gone.

Factors behind a championship being retired or done away with vary. Sometimes there are just not enough people left to compete for a championship to make it relevant. Sometimes there are so many championships that holding a belt isn't as prestigious as it should be. Then of course, sometimes a championship just simply runs its course.

On the latest edition of WWE Inbox, superstars are asked which retired title they would like to see brought back. Some of the suggestions include the Women's Championship, Women's Tag Team Championship, European Championship and Internet Championship. All of those suggestions are great, but I think it's pretty obvious why bringing back those titles wouldn't work.


For beginners, the Internet Championship is a joke, so let's move on. The current state of the WWE Divas division is also a joke. Therefore, adding a second singles title or a tag team title for the Divas would be nearly impossible. Lastly, the European Championship would not work because it already has the United States and Intercontinental belts. WWE struggles enough keeping those belts relevant, adding the European title to that mix would only create more issues.

The two belts mentioned in video that are worth talking about are the Hardcore Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship.

The Hardcore Championship would be the easier belt to bring back of the two because literally anyone can compete in the Hardcore division. However, given the nature of the Hardcore Championship and the PG stance taken by the WWE, it may not be plausible.

PG issues aside, the Hardcore Championship would do wonders for the product. WWE does, shall we say, a poor job filling their three-hour Raw's with watchable content. Bringing back the belt and creating a Hardcore division would add a guaranteed entertaining segment to Raw each week.

With the Hardcore title comes the 24-hour title defense rule. With this rule in effect, WWE could easily utilize numerous superstars in the division and have more than one segment a week involving the belt. While tossing unused talent in the Hardcore division may not be ideal, it's certainly better than not being on TV at all.


The Cruiserweight Championship is also worth discussing. While it would fit much easier into the PG molding, Crusierweight talent isn't exactly aplenty in the WWE right now. One of the things that made the Cruiserweight Championship so great previously was the WWE had talent like Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, The Hurricane, Jamie Noble, Billy Kidman, Tajiri, X-Pac and Paul London. While many of these superstars never had amazing WWE careers, they were perfect for the Cruiserweight division.

If used correctly, the Cruiserweight Championship should be the equivalent of the WWE Championship for the Cruiserweight division. Bringing back this belt would improve the quality of the product because the matches would be superb. For all of the things that WCW did wrong, the one thing it did right was using Cruiserweights. Later on in WCW and during the early 2000s in WWE, some of the best in-ring work came from Cruiserweights. 

Does WWE have a lot to gain be bringing a title out of retirement? Potentially. But like with anything, it has to be done right; otherwise it's not going to work.

Which title would you like to see brought back?