Ric Bucher Says President Obama Has Money on the NCAA Tournament

Matt KingFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2013

Rocky Widner/Getty Images
Rocky Widner/Getty Images

We all know that President Obama fills out an NCAA tournament bracket. He does it every year on ESPN for all the world to see. For most of us, it's one of those nice, "Hey, the president is just like us" kind of moments.

But he may be like us more than we realized.

Wednesday, on Bucher & Towny on 95.7 The Game, former ESPN personality Ric Bucher claimed that he is in a bracket pool with Obama, and that the president even had money at stake.

Bucher pulled the fact that he was in a pool with Obama out of nowhere, and immediately got clowned by his partner, Chris Townsend, for name dropping.

"We call him Potus," said Bucher.

"Is he any good?" asked Townsend. "No," replied Bucher. "That's why we like having him in there." They all laughed and Bucher followed it up with, "Nothing like taking money from the prez."

That last little bit is the real interesting part of the conversation.

Does President Obama really have money on the NCAA tournament?

I'll admit it's entirely possible that Bucher was joking about taking money from the president. Not all bracket pools you enter have money involved. If I was in a pool with the president, that in and of itself would be its own reward—especially if I beat him.

But if it's true? I don't know about you, but I love the idea of President Obama handing somebody a crisp $10 bill (or less, or more, who knows) along with his bracket, then sweating out Michigan State vs. Valparaiso. It probably didn't go down that way, but let me have this, OK?

Either way, I like knowing the president is enjoying today as much as I am.