Lou Piniella Says 'Rape' During Yankees-Red Sox Game Like It's Completely OK

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These are simple rules: You cannot say “bomb” on an airplane and you cannot say "rape" while doing a live sportscast.

Still, famous (or infamous) former Chicago Cubs manager-turned-analyst Lou Piniella ended up loosing the “R-bomb” during Wednesday’s game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox (via Deadspin.com).

Piniella and his fellow sportscaster somehow meandered into a discussion concerning how the Toronto Blue Jays had bought out most of the talent on the Miami Marlins’ roster during the offseason, and Piniella ends up wandering deep into foul territory.

Of the many things Piniella could’ve said that would have encompassed the kind of talent-poaching the ‘Jays pulled off, he had to choose the forced, non-consensual sex route.

The most ridiculous part of the entire scenario is Piniella’s preface to the statement. He says “Well, they just ah... I don’t want to use a word...”

Yup, he just throws it out there like a shield. "Hey, I told you I didn’t want to do it...” 

Still, some fans will view this as a grievous gaffe for an on-air personality and others will lean back in their chairs and chuckle “Oh, Lou...” 

Granted, Piniella is far better known for his ability to weave tapestries of expletives while arguing with umpires than his rhetoric as an on-air personality. 

Had he been able to speak at liberty on the air, it’s likely he would’ve just said the effing Blue Jays were gonna be effing good this year and leave it at that.

Regardless, Piniella opened his mouth and an awkward, inappropriate turtle wandered out. And considering the recent news of two high school football players taking advantage of a drunken girl in Ohio, his timing couldn't have been worse.

Good luck with that, Lou.

Raking the sand on Twitter Beach, looking for awkward turtle eggs: Dr__Carson

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