Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife: New Boyfriend Has a Bigger, Sexier...Yacht

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 21, 2013

Image via TMZ.com
Image via TMZ.com

Alright boys, put those things away. Let's not turn this into a yacht-measuring contest. 

After announcing his new relationship with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn earlier this week, Tiger Woods is now facing the rear end of his ex-wife Elin Nordegren’s new man.

The rear-end of his yacht, that is. 

After divorcing Woods in 2010, Nordegren has since made romantic ties with Chris Cline, a 53-year-old billionaire and coal purveyor. And it would appear that Nordegren’s new boyfriend owns a slightly larger yacht than Woods.

According to TMZ.com, Cline's 164-foot yacht Mine Games was seen moored in painfully close proximity to Woods’ 155-foot Privacy on Monday at Jupiter Island, Fla., where Woods lives.

So what was Cline’s boat doing there? A vacation getaway? Random chance?  

The reason isn’t known, but considering Cline and Nordegren live next to each other in Seminole Landing—a development in nearby North Palm Beach—it’s unlikely that he’d take the giant vessel on such a short trip for any reason other than to send a shot over Tiger’s bow.

The difference in size of the yachts really isn’t very much. Nine feet on a vessel of that size basically just means the hot tub holds eight people instead of 10.

Or there’s just a little less boat for a car to land on. Oh wait...

It’s not a boat—it’s a yacht.