20 Football Fans Who Love Their Sport Too Much

Aidan Reynolds@@aidanreynoldsContributor IIIMarch 21, 2013

20 Football Fans Who Love Their Sport Too Much

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    It's very easy to get caught up in a game of football, which is why we love it. It's such a communal sport, and showing our dedication to a team with a group of like-minded people is a great way to spend an afternoon every week.

    However, the people on this list may have gone a little bit too far, and not always with positive results.

Scientists Create Theory of Carlos

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    Remember Roberto Carlos’ ridiculous free kick against France in 1997? Of course you do.

    However, a team of scientists were so baffled by what they perceived to be an impossible shot, that physicist David Quere and his team at the ESPCI and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris decided to develop an equation to explain it.

    That’s dedication. 

Parachutist Suffers Horrific Fall

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    Nigel Rogoff was an experienced parachutist with 6,000 jumps to his name, so the decision to jump into Villa Park in 1998 dressed as Santa Claus didn’t take much time.

    However, he crashed into the Trinity Road stand and fell 100 feet to the ground, shattering his left leg. He was in hospital for three months, eventually losing the leg.

    Despite this, he apologised to any young fans who may have been near him when he fell. Rogoff later raised thousands for amputees and raised the profile of the British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association. 

    For all these things, he deserves respect.

Man Knows Too Much About Sports

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    The accumulator bet is one of football’s great joys. A low-stake, high-reward gamble, it makes you care about teams you previously had no interest in, while also testing your football knowledge across the spectrum of the game.

    In 2001, an unnamed fan from Lichfield in Staffordshire got one over on his local bookies when he successfully predicted the champions of the top five English leagues, as well as the three lower Scottish divisions, the rugby union premiership and NatWest Trophy, the county cricket championship and three English and Scottish football matches taking place in August,  via The Guardian.

    His stake was 30p and he took home £500,000, beating odds of 1,666,666-1. However, that’s not even the best part of it. The Daily Mail reported that he had already cleaned the same bookies out two years earlier, with a £2.50 bet that netted him £157,000.

Arsenal Fan Goes Crazy

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    Arsenal were 4-0 down at Reading in 2012, and there looked to be no hope. However, they clawed it back and scored a remarkable equaliser, which this fan really seemed to enjoy.

    He's probably not been too happy this season.

Fan Zone Commentator Lets It All Hang out

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    Sky Sports’ Fan Zone commentary is often more entertaining than the actual commentary team for the day.

    However, this Spurs fan took it a bit far when his team got a late equaliser against arch-rivals Arsenal, removing his shirt and mounting his fellow commentator.

Gentle Pitch Invader

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    Some fans want to get on the field to disrupt the game, gain some attention or maybe even cause harm to one of the players. Not this man, though; he just wanted to give Lionel Messi a hug.

    Bless him.

Ronaldo Fan Gets Serious

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    There’s no more permanent way of declaring your love for something than getting it permanently inked into your skin. In case you can’t tell, this guy really likes Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Even more impressive than his level of fandom, however, is the fact that he chose to get his tattoo on his knee. Painful.

    Ronaldo looks pretty happy with it, though.

South Korean Human Jumbotron

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    We’re assuming that the standard of football isn’t up to much here, as the fans are infinitely more impressive than the players.

    Using the different colours of their jackets, this group of South Koreans made their own Jumbotron routine, which is incredible and worth the price of admission alone.

Poland vs. England Water Park

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    When a pitch is waterlogged and the game shows no sign of starting, sensible people would probably just admit defeat and go home.

    Not these fans, however, who decided that the absence of players mean the pitch was free to become their own personal water park.

    In all fairness, it looks awesome.

Too Far out of Reach

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    What lengths would you go to catch the ball as it came near you in the crowd? Probably not the same lengths as this Barcelona fan, who was certain he could get it, even though the ball was nowhere near him.

    Unsurprisingly, it did not end well.

Pablo Pintos' Shirt Thief

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    Players aren’t supposed to remove their shirts to celebrate a goal. This is why.

Andres Escobar Shot Dead

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    We go back in time to 1994 now, and when dedication turns to outright madness.

    After scoring an own goal in the 2-1 loss to the United States, Colombia star Andres Escobar was such a figure of hate that it cost him his life.

    After leaving a bar in Medellin, Escobar got in an argument with some senseless fans, who reportedly thanked him for the own goal before shooting him dead in the street, pulling the trigger 12 times.

The Dutch

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    The fans of the Dutch national team are some of the best in the world. The colours, the outfits and the way they can just take over a country for the duration of a tournament.


German Fans Stop Traffic

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    These German fans were so happy that their national team emerged victorious over Sweden that they thought everyone should be celebrating.

    So they blocked the entire street and took their merriment to the motorists. By the looks of things, these motorists did not share their enjoyment.

Norwich fan times jump badly

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    Norwich City haven’t had a huge amount of success, so their fans try to celebrate whenever they can.

    This supporter was ecstatic, and had every right to be. Simeon Jackson had scored a last-minute winner in the home game against Derby, completing his hat-trick and effectively securing Norwich’s return to the Premier League.

    It’s safe to say that the fan didn’t care how hurt he was. Neither did Grant Holt, by the looks of it.

Genoa fans halt game

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    When Genoa were losing 4-0 to Siena in 2012, fans decide that they’d had enough. They threw flares onto the pitch and forced the game to halt for 45 minutes, while players returned to the dressing room and some fans fled the stadium entirely.

    Players were eventually forced to plead with the supporters to return to their seats, and the game was allowed to continue.

    This sort of occurrence has been to the detriment of Serie A over the last few years, with crowd violence becoming more common and more aggressive.

Steve Davies Playing for West Ham

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    Quite often the argument against abusing players on the field is “well, you couldn’t do any better.” In Steve Davies’ case, it turns out he could.

    After dishing out a stream of abuse to West Ham striker Lee Chapman in 1994, manager Harry Redknapp turned to the enraged fan and told him to go to the dressing room and suit up.

    Davies turned out for West Ham in the preseason friendly against Oxford, getting a full half hour to make his mark. Incredibly, he did, scoring for his beloved team. 

Luis Figo's Unwanted Gift

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    It’s obviously upsetting when one of your favourite players moves to another team. Even more so when your team is Barcelona, the player is Luis Figo and his new club is Real Madrid.

    To remedy the matter, this fan decided to mark Figo’s treachery by throwing—amongst other things—a pig’s head at him when he went to take a corner.

    After which all was well, presumably. 

Jimmy Jump

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    One of the most famous pranksters in football, Jaume Marquet i Cot, or “Jimmy Jump,” probably loves the attention more than the sport itself, but there’s no doubting his dedication to the art of mischief.

    His credits include on-field appearances at the Euro 2008 match between Germany and Turkey, the 2007 Champions League final, a 2005 Clasico game and the 2010 World Cup final.

    It’s not just football, either. He also gatecrashed the 2009 French Open Men’s Singles final, the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and the 2004 Spanish Grand Prix

    When he sets himself a challenge, he really goes for it.

Karl Power Stands with His Heroes

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    Every kid dreams of being able to line up with his heroes. In Karl Power’s case, he actually got to do it. Before the 2001 clash with Bayern Munich, Manchester United fan Power changed into full United kit and managed to get into the team photo.

    Speaking to BBC Sport, he claimed that the stunt was planned two years prior to the event and that it was a tribute to Untied legend Eric Cantona. 

    Whatever the reason for his actions, he executed the plan perfectly.