WWE Mark Madness 2013: Chris Jericho Beats Hulk Hogan, CM Punk Upsets Macho Man

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2013

From Eaduev.deviantart.com/
From Eaduev.deviantart.com/

Apparently it was Chris Jericho, not Hulk Hogan, who carried the WWE's business during the golden age of wrestling, selling out arenas and essentially becoming the Michael Jordan of his craft. 

At least if you ask the Internet.

Chris Jericho—headliner of a whopping one WrestleMania—upset Hulk Hogan 69-31 in the Sweet 16 of WWE Mark Madness, sending the former face of the WWE home early. Hogan is the first and only No. 1 seed to fall this tournament.Ed

It's a pretty sizable upset considering Jericho was never put in a position as the No. 1 guy for any of the national promotions he wrestled for.  It's a fairly predictable upset, however, considering Hulk Hogan can't do a moonsault, which obviously plays a huge factor in drawing online votes. 

Also apparent was Internet voters' tendency to side with the "little guy" with a superior work rate over an arena-filling institution like Hulk Hogan. 

Mark Madness continued to live up to its billing of unpredictability as lower-seeded wrestlers soldiered on in intriguing matches. 

CM Punk has had the most impressive run of the tournament thus far.  Cruising into the regional semifinals, Punk has decisively beaten Bret Hart and Randy Savage back to back. 

In addition to a first-round victory over Bill Goldberg, CM Punk is now 3-0 against former WCW champions.  He will draw yet another former WCW champion the Elite Eight when he takes on Ric Flair.


Bruno Sammartino continues to buck the trend of vintage wrestlers being ousted.  He defeated John Cena.  This had more to do with the anti-Cena contingent online, and Sammartino's recent resurfacing on WWE TV, than current fans' appreciation for Sammartino's staggering career

Consider Sammartino (two time WWWF champion for 4,040 days) a significant E-underdog against Chris Jericho (one-time WWE champion for 98 days), proving that those who wrestled in an era without message boards might as well have no legacy at all. 

Perennial WrestleMania headliners The Rock and Triple H also went head to head in the most evenly-matched contest of the Sweet 16. Rock squeaked by Triple H with a 53-47 victory.  He will now serve as the first real test for No. 1 seed Shawn Michaels, who has received an average of 93 percent of the vote each round, a tournament high. 

Register and VOTE!  Elite Eight voting is underway until March 21 at midnight ET, 9 p.m. PT!