March Madness 2013: Charles Barkley Fills out His NCAA Tournament Bracket

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2013

Charles Barkley would like to thank Rick Pitino for leading the Louisville Cardinals to the 2013 NCAA championship.

Sure, this is the tournament that Chuck ran through his head while filling out his bracket, but he seems fairly confident. Of course, he wouldn't be Charles Barkley if he didn't state what he was thinking with confidence.

Charles' bracket ends up chalky. Joining Louisville in the Final Four, Chuck has Kansas, Indiana and New Mexico. He then has Louisville beating Kansas in the championship game.

However, Sir Charles did not lean all favorites. Most notably, he feels the Big Ten is overrated and other than Indiana, he has the members of this hyped conference bowing out early.

Barkley also feels the Pac-12 is underrated. Notably, he points out that Oklahoma State has a top-five player (presumably Marcus Smart) but that they will still fall to No. 12 seed Oregon. 

While he doesn't have any Pac-12 teams making the Final Four, he continually picks members of that conference for upsets. 

To hammer his points on these conferences, Charles points out that the UCLA Bruins will be without one of their best players due to a foot injury (presumably Jordan Adams) but that they are still strong enough to beat a Big Ten team—in this case, Minnesota. 

Of course, he underrates the conference himself by selling it two teams short by continually calling it the Pac-10. 

Hey, this is Charles Barkley we are talking about, we can't get caught up in trivial details like knowing the correct names of conferences. We just have to sit back and enjoy the show. 


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