Michigan Football: The Journey, Duke PG To Lead Blue in 2009?

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IApril 16, 2009

ATLANTA - MARCH 14:  Greg Paulus #3 of the Duke Blue Devils walks upcourt against the Maryland Terrapins during the semifinals of the 2009 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament on March 14, 2009 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Every day it’s something new, something dramatic, and something that doesn’t make sense. Ron Zook and his Big Ten Network show don’t have anything on ‘Michigan Football: The Journey’. I hope someone is getting this on tape.

Hopefully BTN had the foresight to sign Rich Rodriguez and Michigan football to a five-year deal (dependent on employment) to get the inside scoop on Wolverine football.

In this week’s installment, three-year starter at point guard and one-year benchwarmer at Duke, Greg Paulus, might be Michigan’s 2009 starting QB. If my math is correct (3+1=4), that means Paulus has used up all of his five to play four eligibility in the collegiate ranks.

But, alas my friend, the NCAA has a rule that saves the day. Something to do with no eligibility, transferring, grad school, and a different sport. It’s apparent that the NCAA’s rule book consists of thousands of blank pages that can be applied however and whenever they see fit.

Reports have surfaced Greg Paulus met with Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez on Tuesday to discuss a future with the Boys in Blue. You. Can’t. Make. This. Up. All this occurred after working out for the Green Packers early in the week. No word on if Tyler Hansbrough will also transfer to Michigan after realizing he has no shot in the NBA.

Intriguing point No. 1: You have to assume that Green Bay called Paulus or Paulus called Green Bay directly. If you don’t assume that, it means Paulus hired someone to find him a job in professional football.

Normally, ‘hire’, ‘professional sports’, and ‘NCAA’ in the same sentence means agent. But then again maybe there’s a section of NCAA Rule 5233.233.11-1a,b+32 that states it’s allowed in the specific situation.


Intriguing point No. 2: You must need a lot of QBs to run a spread offense. That, or RichRod is already planning for attrition (a.k.a. players realizing the state of Michigan football).

Soon to be freshman Tate Forcier looked good in the spring game, but David Cone should only be pressed into action if he were wearing winged helmets for Delaware.

Denard Robinson won’t be in Ann Arbor till the Fall, and let’s face it, RichRod will put him in the slot if he can. The Sheridan Experiment went horribly wrong (as expected) and Steven Threet left for playing time at Nowhere State. All that after Shrod Beaver and Kevin Newsome decommitted from Michigan to play at Tulsa and Penn State, respectively.

QB Recruit to Not a Michigan QB Justin Feagin has still been taking reps at QB. Now Devin Gardner is verballed in the ’10 class with several other QB offers still on the table. Pat White has, in fact, used all his eligibility, much to the dismay of the Michigan coaching staff.


Intriguing point No. 3: Paulus would have one year to play. If Paulus ends up in Ann Arbor, he’s your day one starter. Early enrollee Forcier and fall enrollee Robinson, who no doubt thought (and were probably promised) significant reps as freshman would have to sit behind a 23-year-old ex-basketball player who hasn’t been around football in four-plus years.

Even Rod can’t get Paulus on campus without the offer of starting day one, but what if Paulus struggles, gets benched, and quits the team? It affects the team’s graduation rate and can’t look good for Rodriguez. When you start making Ron Zook look credible, you may have a problem.

Did you get all that? If there’s one thing Rich Rodriguez is good at, it’s keeping his team’s name in the news (for better or for worse). The Big Ten Network has done a disservice to all of us if they don’t have this one tape. It’s like the Brady Bunch, Willy Wonka, and Little Giants all rolled into one.

Sometimes, reality is the best comedy.