WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from March 20

Ethan GrantAnalyst IMarch 20, 2013

Photo credit: WWE.com
Photo credit: WWE.com

With WrestleMania 29 only 18 days away, WWE fans in Cincinnati, Ohio, were treated to the Main Event on Wednesday night.

While certainly not as popular as some of its predecessors, Main Event gives WWE fans a chance to catch additional action on Wednesday nights, and could be pivotal for future matches like the ones that happen at WrestleMania 29

Sheamus made headlines on Wednesday night in an on-camera interview, claiming that it would take a supernatural event (one that won't be described in consideration of younger readers) for him to consider adding Big Show to he and Randy Orton's tag-team roster as they prepare to take on The Shield at WrestleMania.

The show also featured some great promos for the upcoming showdowns at WrestleMania, including John Cena and The Rock, C.M. Punk and The Undertaker and Triple H taking on Brock Lesnar with the threat of retirement looming.

Check out all three of the matches below to see what you missed (or want to read about again), and the Twitter reaction section for all the highlight's from March 20's Main Event.


Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth

Barrett successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship on Monday Night Raw, knocking off WWE legend Chris Jericho and Main Event announcer The Miz in a triple-threat match that only persists the rivalry between the champ and Miz.

He got back in the ring against R-Truth on Wednesday night (his second Main Event in a row).

Barrett didn't look phased after a few exchanges between the two, and survived two close pin attempts by Truth before getting in position to pull off his patented Bull Hammer move. He got Truth to the back of the skull before getting the cover and earning the victory.

The real fireworks got going after the match.

Barrett took every opportunity he could to stare down Miz at the broadcaster's table during his match with Truth, while Miz made sure to let fans know he wanted the opportunity at a one-on-one match with Barrett for the championship.

When getting the microphone after his win, Barrett made sure to remind folks of the "barrage" that is his current title reign, before calling Miz a punk, pushing him down in his rolling chair and reminding everyone who won on Monday night.

Never to take anything like that sitting down, Miz got in a nice shot on the champ before throwing him into the ring. Barrett got off the mat before things could escalate further, but Miz had no problem making sure everyone knew he was ready to rumble right then and there.

Storyline to watch, perhaps?


Natalya and Layla vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Alicia threw some gas on the fire before the match with a verbal attack on Natalya, thrashing her long-time rival for not caring as much about the two's trip to Rwanda as much as missing her boyfriend and talking about his extremities. 

Big mistake.

Natalya and Aksana ruffled around for a little bit to start the match, before Layla checked herself into the ring and kept the assault going.

The shuffle eventually turned to Natalya and Alicia again, where the former made sure she got a few extra shots in about the low-blow jab from Alicia to start the match. Once the pair got going, neither Layla or Aksana got back in the ring again, and Natalya used the Sharpshooter to dispose of Alicia and exact a little revenge for her earlier comments in this Divas match.


Jey and Jimmy Uso vs. The PrimeTime Players

The Usos, also making their second-consecutive appearance on Main Event, took on the PrimeTime Players in the the final matchup of the evening.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are up-and-comers in the sport, as are the Usos, and both tag-teams have a chance to rise through the company over the next few months and challenge for a tag-team championship one day.

After the Usos got off to a fast start, the athletic and emotional PTP team was flying all over the place in this match. O'Neil and Young managed to keep the brothers separated and unable to tag for the middle part of the match.

It didn't last, though, and the Usos found their second-wind at the end of the match, pulling off several of their big-time moves before finishing Young off with a Superfly Splash from the corner of the ring. After winning last week, the Usos pick up another victory on Main Event and join Barrett in that category from the last two weeks of action.


Twitter Reaction

Shawn Michaels got some early love on Twitter after an appearance in the promos, and made sure to return the love to fans on Twitter during the show:

This WWE fan put out his thoughts on the rivalry between Barrett and the Miz:

WrestlingINC.com was loving some Natayla on Wednesday night, hoping to see her again on a bigger program in the near future:

Although the Usos and PTP helped close this match out with several big moves and flying bodies, this WWE fan is getting tired of seeing the two teams face-off: