Minnesota Twins Notes: Boof Bonser's Start So Far

Ravuth ThorngCorrespondent IApril 1, 2008

Boof Bonser went into the offseason looking to lose weight to help with his stamina and endurance. He achieved his goal and lost 20 pounds, ironically the same amount of weight that Francisco Liriano put on. 

Bonser looked to show that in his case, less is more, but he still finds himself trailing by four runs.

He was shaky in the first inning giving up back-to-back one-out doubles, but settled in and put up zeros in the next three frames.

His goal to start pitching deep into games with his new found endurance seems to have eluded him once again. His tendency of being unable to stay out of the big innings might cause his night to end quicker than he wanted.

He has thrown 79 pitches through five innings, but this is a big improvement from throwing 100 pitches over five frames, and being down by six runs.

He still has the tendency to leave balls up in the zone but hey, it’s only the first start of the season.

Four runs is a big obstacle to climb, but it’s not impossible. Bonser could still pick up a no decision, if not a win.