20 Videos of Athletes Destroying Their Equipment

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

20 Videos of Athletes Destroying Their Equipment

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    Oh, SNAP.

    That's the sound of Tiger Woods cracking his five iron on a tree at Augusta. And I think I just heard Serena Williams smashing a racquet onto the court at the Australian Open.

    The point is this—athletes break stuff. It's just what happens in sports.

    Water coolers get pummeled in rage, bats are shattered by pitches and each item is replaced in turn by a twin from the equipment room. And the world spins on.

    The following videos are some of the best equipment explosions caught on tape. Some are intentional demolitions; others are completely random accidents of chance.

    But all them end in the athletes (or custodians) picking up the pieces.

Hockey Player Snaps Stick on Opponent’s Head

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    This is less of a hockey fight and more of a Super Smash Bros. attack. 

    One of these hockey players attempts to initiate a fight and ends up the recipient of a double-handed overhead power-chop to the helmet for his troubles.

    Attacks like this usually only occur after a deep voice cries, "FINISH HIM!" 

Pole-Vaulter Snaps His Pole

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     “I went in for it and my pole just exploded. Hurt like hell.”

    To make what already appears to be a high-risk/low-reward sport even more unattractive, it would appear that “equipment malfunction” can now be added alongside “sack-gouging” on the long list of terrible things that can happen while pole-vaulting.

Cliff Pennington Breaks Three Bats in a Row

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    “Made in America.”

    Cliff Pennington appeared to be going for the world record in unintentionally broken bats   when he cracked, split and then shattered three bats in three consecutive pitches. 

    We can only assume this batch of Louisville Sluggers was outsourced to Myanmar or "Imported From Detroit."

Cricket Player Has His Helmet Crunched by Pitch

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    Having never played cricket before, I have no idea how it would feel to be struck by a cricket ball. 

    But after watching England’s Andrew Flintoff have his visor nearly caved-in by this pitch, I can only assume the experience could cause the involuntary befouling of one’s trousers.

Kyle Busch Intentionally Wrecks Ron Hornaday

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    NASCAR is a sport designed around athletes breaking their equipment.

    And instead of engaging in the age-old argument over whether drivers are athletes or not, how about we watch this video of Kyle Busch purposely plowing Ron Hornaday into a wall at 130-plus mph.

    Looks a lot like the wreck that took Dale Earnhardt Sr. from us.

Lacrosse Shot Breaks Stick in Half

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    That’s why you don’t buy cheap aluminum shafts. Bra.

Marcos Baghdatis Breaks Four Racquets in a Row

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    One truly is the loneliest number. 

    That’s presumably why Cypriot tennis player Marcos Baghdatis took the time to mangle four separate racquets between sets at the Australian Open in 2012.

    The crowd cheers as he breaks the first and screams as he breaks the second. The mashing of the third and fourth racquets—still in their protective covering—draw a Coliseum-like roar from the masses.

    And all I see: $1,000-plus in money being thrown out the window—money that could’ve fed the hungry but was much more rewardingly spent in providing us all with this amazing footage.

Tiger Ruins Club to Save Par

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    “Tiger... ooh... there goes the shaft...”

    After getting stuck with a miserable shot behind a tree on the 11th hole at the 2007 Masters, Tiger Woods decided to make a sacrifice in a wild attempt to save par.

    Woods hit through the ball—wrapping his club around a pine tree in the process—and managed to get the ball back onto the fairway. And yes, he ended up parring the hole.

Lacrosse Stick Breaks, Flies into Low Orbit

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    Finally! An attack player who gets what he deserves for attempting another dangerous one-handed slash. 

    I hope the top half of this guy's stick flew into a nearby parking lot and the head was ran over by his best friend’s car. And then his best friend was like, “Hey Steve, you’re a lazy jackass for one-handed slashing people on the field. By the way, I made out with your girlfriend last night and ate all your Snack Packs."

    That’s justice...What were we talking about?

Cricket Player Breaks Sunglasses

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    It’s difficult to see at first, but if you look closely, you can see English cricket player Andrew Strauss break his own sunglasses by fielding a cricket ball against South Africa in 2012.

    Strauss’ glasses fly off his head as he picks the ball up, and he nails them in midair when he throws it.

Lots of Awesome Broken Backboards

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    All unintentional. All awesome.

    Throwing down a backboard-shattering dunk is one of those life-affirming moments you always strive to achieve, and it’s up there on my personal bucket list next to “Tame buffalo” and “Hang-glider karate?”

Serena Williams Smashes Racquet

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    “Intense” would perhaps be the simplest way to explain tennis star Serena Williams’ game.

    And during a losing effort against Sloane Stephens at the Australian, her intensity reared its ugly side. Williams returned one of Stephen’s serves long, and then it was smashing time. After the match, the 15-time Grand Slam champion said crunching made her feel better.

    “I ... had a wry smile on my lips after that,” said Williams (per The Huffington Post). “It made me feel happy.”

Roger Clemens Throws Broken Bat at Mike Piazza

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    The 2000 World Series became a little more heated after Yankees great Roger Clemens nearly took out the Mets’ Mike Piazza with a huge shard of wood.

    As you can see, Piazza’s bat exploded into pieces after making contact with the pitch, one of which Clemens decided to sling at the Mets' star catcher.

Tennis Player Boots Advertising Board/Lineman

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    Temper, temper.

    While it’s not technically “equipment,” David Nalbandian’s kicking of an advertising board during the Queen’s Club final cost him $12,560 in fines and $57,350 in prize money.

    As you can see, these advertising boards aren’t exactly hurricane-proof, and his follow-through “injured” a line judge and disqualified him from the match.

Charles Barkley Destroys Golf Club

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    Charles Barkley’s golf game is a lot like Michael Jordan’s baseball career, if you took Jordan’s baseball career, drizzled it over a deep-sea oil spill and tossed in a Zippo.

    Or in short—it’s a disaster.

    And if Sir Charles breaking off the head of his club on a tee shot isn’t evidence of how bad his game is, then I don’t want to tell you, cowboy.

Soccer Ball Breaks Window

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    That’s why you don’t buy that cheap, non-blunt-force-resistant glass.

    A striker at a small youth-league game somewhere in the world crushes a try high over the net. No one thinks a thing about it until—CRASH—the ball breaks the window of an apartment next to the field. 

    The best part of this entire sequence is the fans of the game cheering on the tenants, who immediately poke their head out the window wondering what in the Sam Hill is going on out there. 

The Board Strikes Back

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    Board: 1. 

    Waldo: 0.

    Hope this kid isn’t allergic to deciduous trees, because it looks like he force-fed himself about 500 grams of maple wood with this little tantrum.

Brian Wilson Pummels Cooler

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    What better song could be playing during this full-fledged Brian Wilson freakout than “Eye of the Tiger”?

    The Giants pitcher popped his gourd after blowing his second save of the night and being pulled from the mound during a game against the Detroit Tigers in 2011.

    And as you can see, he unchained the beast on an innocent Gatorade cooler, whose only crime was supplying the team with high quality H2O.

Hockey Coach Goes on Stick-Breaking Rampage

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    "Chop that wood!"

    Abbotsford Heat hockey coach Jim Playfair goes into a stick-breaking frenzy in protest of a bad call.

    The coach managed to chop two hockey sticks into oblivion on the sidewall of the rink before being ejected from the game, and he ended up receiving a fine from the AHL for his actions.

    There was still no shame in his game after the incident.

    “It isn’t my proudest moment for sure,” said Playfair (per The Associated Press). “It’s not to the point where it’s embarrassing.”

Bryce Harper Splits Bat on Home Plate

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    Click HERE for video.

    Swing and a split. 

    Bryce Harper’s temper is far from a big secret in professional baseball. The Washington Nationals' star slugger can swing the bat with the best of them, but when he finds himself unable to connect—well, he’s got to hit something.

    After striking out, all it took was a solid one-armed swing onto home plate for Harper to shatter this bat at the weak spot. And judging by the way he stopped to pick up his mess, he wasn’t exactly expecting to break it.

    Unless another time he did this very same thing.