The FA Cup Semifinals: Will You be Tuning in?

Ken FossAnalyst IApril 1, 2008

All I've seen about the FA Cup on this site is how this has been the greatest FA Cup, yada yada... Or how this captures the true spirit of the yada yada yada...

But be honest, When it comes down to it, the Cup is on the line and its a Championship match, will you be tuning in? Would you if it were Liverpool vs. Portsmouth? Or Manchester United vs. Chelsea?

Does it even matter?

Don't make me out to be a big four basher, I really think, for the betterment of the quality of the games played, that if the revenue where shared it would really help the whole league. But that's another topic for another article.

Here in America, we are concluding the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. a similar tournament to the FA Cup. Two years ago it was George Mason a small Patriot League team beating the then power UConn team in a thrilling game to make the Final Four. 

Now the reason, I bring this up is because it was the worst rated Final Four in this decade. And this year, all four one seeds have made it. I'm willing to put money on this years final four, will be doing a huge number.

It's a question that needs to be asked with the tournament set to enter the home stretch this weekend. As well as the FA Cup concluding at Wembley wrapping itself up at similar dates. 

Your thoughts?