FC Barcelona: Predicting the Next 5 Players to Make Team Debuts

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IMarch 23, 2013

FC Barcelona: Predicting the Next 5 Players to Make Team Debuts

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    The current season for FC Barcelona is drawing to a close. There are players like Lionel Messi, who have a few more years remaining in their career.

    At the same time, players like Carles Puyol are showing their age and have injuries. While there is news about Neymar signing with La Blaugrana, there are players from La Masia ready to join.

    These players from La Masia have earned their right to play at La Blaugrana. It is expected that they will be the next generation who will debut at Barca.

    While there are many candidates, only a few will enter La Blaugrana. The following slideshow predicts the next generation.

    The predictions are based on personal opinion and may change when the summer transfer window arrives. It is not perfect since nothing in sports, like life, is absolute.

5. Sergio Juste

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    Sergio Juste is versatile in the right- and centre-back as reported by FC Barcelona. Juste signed with Barca B from Gimnastic de Tarragona in 2012.

    According to the La Blaugrana website, he is a team player who can play defense during a match. Recently, Juste is resting from a knee injury for the rest of the season.

    This latest news was published by FC Barcelona in its Spanish language website.

4. Gerard Deulofeu

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    Gerard Deulofeu is currently a striker for Barca B. According to an article in the Daily Mail, he is Lionel Messi's successor at Barca.

    Deulofeu participated in the UEFA Champions League and La Liga for Barca. He was the subject of a deal with Nike at the age of 14.

    Deulofeu recently attracted the attention of Manchester City even though he belongs to Barca B. If Deulofeu extends his contract with La Blaugrana, he could debut in La Liga.

3. Rafinha Alcantara

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    Barca B Attacking Midfielder Rafinha Alcantara is Thiago Alcantara's brother. La Blaugrana praised Rafinha for his skills in attack and defense.

    Rafinha renewed his contract with Barca until the 2013/14 season. Barca fans will see more of Rafinha when he makes his debut with the club.

2. Jordi Masip

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    When Victor Valdes and Jose Manuel Pinto retire as goalkeepers, Jordi Masip could debut with Barca. The Barca webpage praises Masip´s intuition and flexibility in the field as a goalkeeper.

    Masip is seen in this YouTube video from FC Barcelona praising Victor Valdes.

1. Miguel Banuz

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    Miguel Banuz is another emerging Barca B star who could debut with La Blaugrana as a goalkeeper. He is praised for his ability to adapt to Barca since he transferred from Juvenil Elx.

    FC Barcelona praises Banuz's confidence and strength as a goalkeeper. Keep an eye on Banuz to take over the mantle from Valdes and Pinto.

    My thanks to you for the time spent in this slideshow. My best wishes to you this weekend and always.