6 WWE Superstars Who Deserve Another Title Run

T.J. Brennan@BrennansBiteCorrespondent IIMarch 20, 2013

6 WWE Superstars Who Deserve Another Title Run

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    The WWE needs to start thinking about Superstars who will receive title opportunities after WrestleMania 29 and, more importantly, who will be winning them this year.  

    Some of the Superstars are veterans who have proven they deserve the opportunity, a few are in the twilight of their careers and others are just beginning.

    All the Superstars on this list have won a major championship, but deserve another shot at a run.  

Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho’s last major title was a World Heavyweight Championship reign came in 2010.  If anyone deserves another run more than Y2J, please let me know. 

    He’s taken time off recently, but despite that, he’s still one of the best technical Superstars in the company. Jericho has such great charisma that he can captivate the crowd even as a heel.

    His work on the microphone is rivaled only by CM Punk and The Rock, counting only current WWE Superstars.

    One more run for Jericho would help solidify his legacy as one of the best in the business. 

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton has been one of the top Superstars in the WWE since he was included in the formation of Evolution in 2003.

    Since then, Orton has won nine world titles in the WWE and has become one of the faces of the organization. 

    He’s gotten into some trouble, though, by being suspended multiple times for the use of marijuana and two Wellness Policy violations, according to cagesideseats.com

    His act as a babyface has become stale, but he’s still a fan favorite. Orton has done everything the WWE has asked him to do and needs to be rewarded for it.  

Dolph Ziggler

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    As the current Money in the Bank contract holder, Dolph Ziggler is almost assured to win the World Heavyweight title, and he deserves it.

    “The Show Off” is one of the best in-ring performers in the WWE today. He sells moves better than any other Superstar. 

    Ziggler “won” the World Heavyweight Championship—Vickie Guerrero awarded it to him—in 2011 and held it only for the evening. Edge was granted a rematch that night and defeated him for the belt.

    He’s paid his dues to the company, losing fairly often. He even entered the company as a member of the Spirit Squad, if anyone had questions about his career as a jobber.

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan got over with fans so much in 2012 that attempts to keep him heel were just a waste. He’s an excellent worker in the ring, being one of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE.

    After cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at TLC in December 2011, Bryan held the belt until WrestleMania 28 in April. He lost his match against Sheamus in 18 seconds to end his reign. 

    His loss was absolutely ridiculous, but his subsequent matches with CM Punk for the WWE Championship proved that Bryan was the next big thing in the company. 

    Couple that with his partnership with Kane, and Bryan is poised to hold the title once again.  

CM Punk

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    CM Punk was recently the WWE Champion for 434 days, so his inclusion in this list may be a bit shocking. However, he still deserves more.

    Say what you want about CM Punk, but he is currently the best wrestler in the company. He can be the best face in the business, yet turn around and become the biggest heel superstar.

    Look, the guy turned heel while in the middle of his title reign. He was able to refresh his character to keep his streak alive. 

    I’m not looking into the immediate future, but for all he’s accomplished, he should definitely win the title again.


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    There is no doubt that Kane has been a workhorse for the WWE since his debut in 1997.

    He’s had a big impact on the WWE, holds several Royal Rumble records and has dominated the tag team division with several different partners. 

    The one thing that has really escaped Kane’s career is that he hasn’t won a major title more than once. He won the WWE Championship in 1998 against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but lost it the next night on Raw.

    He won the ECW Championship at WrestleMania 24 when ECW was a brand of WWE programming. 

    Then in 2010, Kane cashed in his Money in the Bank contract (that he won that same night) to defeat Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. He held the title for five months, his longest reign holding a major championship. 

    Before he retires, Kane needs to win the WWE Championship one more time—and hold onto it for longer than a day.