Pau Gasol's Logo Drawings Are as Adorable as Lakers Big Man

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Pau Gasol's Logo Drawings Are as Adorable as Lakers Big Man
Harry How/Getty Images

Pau Gasol is working diligently on a new logo and it warrants your attention. 

The Lakers center and wearer of paltry beards is on his way back from injury (foot). The hard worker is doing his best to make sure he gets back on the court before the end of the season. 

I join with Lakers fans and offer that we are all very appreciative of the effort. 

But we have Pau Gasol logo doodles to debate. Here is what the star tweeted to fans on Tuesday. 

Let's blow this up just a bit and discuss with fervor. 

Photo Credit: Pau Gasol Twitter

The requisite smashing together of one's initials is prominently placed in the lower-right portion of the frame. I am not a fan. It just comes across looking like an odd figure eight. 

The "Pau Gasol" to the left is pretty strong but it looks like "Pau Gas," so we will pass. 

Aside from that, there are a few doodles that look to be something someone might draw when they stare off into the future and dream of a day when Mike D'Antoni is not coaching the team. 

I used to do the same thing on Pee Chee folders and Trapper Keepers. Yes, I would try to design my own personal logo. Hey, shut up, I was eight. 

So I can see how the creative process might work, spilling any last creative thought that crosses the transom of your mind onto a blank page.

Here is my suggestion. 

Photo Credit: blog.teddybeartop10,com

I don't really see any way around it, Pau Gasol is the Association's resident teddy bear. Have you ever been terrified by Gasol? Your answer is similar to pretty much every NBA player who dribbled towards a basket guarded by the Spaniard. 

If you want more, BuzzFeed's Jack Moore thought this might be a great one: the Pau Gasol sad face.

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Then again, we might want to just go with this.

Photo Credit:

Gasol does seem to fashion his beard after Tom Selleck's chest hair.

Either way, the gauntlet has been set. It's up to you fans to chime in with your great ideas for the star's logo.

The only requisite is that it's as perfect as the seven-footer himself.

Hit me up on Twitter for more deep thoughts.

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