March Madness 2013: Is Your NCAA Bracket Better Than a 5-Year-Old's?

Dan LevyNational Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

The greatest thing about the NCAA tournament is that, with all the hours of guessing who will make the field and who will win each game, once the games tip off, the water cooler geniuses have just as much chance of getting their bracket right as the people paid to prognosticate. 

Truth be told, we are all guessing—some based on years of knowledge covering a sport and others based on which coach they've heard of or which uniform color they like better.

To prove that point, I've had my daughter, Zoe, pick games since she was two years old. Zoe picked Butler in the Final Four both years they made it. 

Yes, my daughter picked Butler to get to the Final Four, and, yes, I found out a year later she only did it so she could say "butt" on camera without getting in trouble.

The bracket works in mysterious ways.

Now my daughter is five (going on six) and understands the concept of the bracket—that the lower number signifies the better teams. Gone are the days of four No. 14 seeds getting to the Final Four.

So, is your bracket better than a five-year-old's?

Here's her full bracket for you to see. She's also signed up in our Bracket Challenge Game, so you can put your bragging rights on the line against her.

Oh, and watch out for next year when her little brother has the attention span to fill one of these brackets out.