Chris Webber Uses Telestrator to Provide In-Depth Analysis of Ice Cream Fight

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

♫ I got some ice cream, I got some ice cream ♫ 

♫ And you can’t have none. No, you can’t have none ♫

After watching this video of Chris Webber clowning on a young couple fighting over frozen dairy, I might be switching this song to my ringtone. 

Webber and fellow NBATV analysts took a break in the action during Tuesday's Pacers game to provide a clinical, second-by-second analysis of a young couple fighting over ice cream (via The Big Lead).

The film focuses in on a man just savoring a big, drippy waffle cone of what appears to be mint chocolate chip ice cream—a strong choice, obviously. 

But the problems begin when the girl next to him produces a tiny tasting spoon and starts diving in for a taste. Obviously, this girl wanted ice cream at the food stand but dropped the old “I'll just have some of yours” line.

This was a lie, obviously, and now that the girl is digging in on his ice cream, the boyfriend begins stonewalling her.

Webber knows exactly what’s going down and of course takes full advantage of the scenario. He breaks out the red telestrator pen and begins drawing marks on the screen, highlighting the man’s extreme satisfaction and his girl’s various WTFroyo expressions.

“He’s like ‘This ice cream is good, I asked her if she wanted some when I went up there,’” said Webber. “Look at her. All you guys know when your woman closes her eyes and squints at you, you’re in trouble.” 

And that was the day an ice-cream squabble was analyzed by paid professionals.

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