Brooklyn Nets Shut Down Their Amazing PR Twitter Account

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

Image via @Nets_PR
Image via @Nets_PR

All work and no play make the Brooklyn Nets a dull, terrible organization.

According to the, the Nets have shut down their public relations account @Nets_Pr, a beacon of humorous humanity in the otherwise neutered landscape of Twitter PR accounts. 

You might remember the account for posting some of these wonderful pearls:

Unfortunately, the Nets appear to be moving in another direction and want their Twitter accounts to speak with a “unified voice.”

Translation: “The commandant has heard of this insubordination and has ensured that no other such anomalies will occur. The Nets have cut food rations to PR until their production meets FCC approval, and their personalities have been extracted and bottled.” 

Obviously, this cold, joyless decision has already spawned healthy opposition to the move, and backlash against the Nets’ buzzkilling frenzy is building on social media:

You can almost hear the steel-toed boots of oppression clicking over the court at the Barclays Center after this pointlessly stuffy response to an account that dared to be different.

The Nets are effectively taking one of the most widely enjoyed and unique aspects of their franchise and smothering it with dry spackling paste—for the sake of uniformity. 

Unless the Nets have some sort of ace up their sleeve in this whole farce, it seems sports fans in general are left to never love again the PR department.

Alas, I’m sure one way or another, as always, the Nets will find a way to spin this whole thing.


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