LeBron James' Most Impressive Stat Lines for Miami Heat This Season

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2013

LeBron James' Most Impressive Stat Lines for Miami Heat This Season

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    Since LeBron James started his NBA journey almost a decade ago, he has always been a source of fascination.

    James is the rare once-in-a-generation-type player who is akin to Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson of decades past—mold-shattering athletes who excel at filling the stat sheet.

    This season, LeBron has done just that.

    From the total stats he piles up over the course of the season to the individual game numbers, the numbers don't lie; LeBron's box scores are as incredible as the highlights that produced them. 

    Sure, everybody loves highlights, but let's focus on the numbers this time around. Let's examine the most impressive stat lines Bron Bron has had throughout the 2012-13 campaign. 

Bron's Record-Setting Shooting Streak

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    One of LeBron's greatest individual achievements this season made history.

    On Feb. 12 against the Portland Trail Blazers LeBron capped off an incredible shooting streak to become the first player in NBA history to ever shoot 60 percent from the field while scoring 30 points in six games consecutively. 

    Out of the entire streak his most impressive shooting outing was against Charlotte. LeBron shot 13-of-14 for 31 points with eight boards and eight assists in a five-point victory over the abysmal 'Cats. 


    Why Is It impressive?

    Well, not only did LeBron accomplish something no player has ever managed to do in the history of the NBA, but he also led his team to victory in each occasion. Sure, the Charlotte Bobcats and Toronto Raptors weren't the most formidable of foes, but the stat is still a testament to LeBron's improved offensive game and overall efficiency as a player.

    Interestingly enough, LeBron began what has become another incredible accomplishment during his first 60-plus percent shooting game against Toronto. Keep that game in mind for later. 

LeBron Sets a Career High for Assists

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    A home matchup against the struggling Sacramento Kings appeared to be an easy win on paper, but the double-digit road dogs ended up keeping it close.

    Although the game ended with Miami closing it out by double-digits after a ruthless overtime period, it was much closer than the box score indicates.

    Dwyane Wade and especially LeBron James had big nights respectively, and if it wasn't for their efforts the Kings could've easily won.

    D-Wade had a 39-point game, but LeBron himself barely edged him for 40 points (a season high) to go along with eight boards and 16 assists—a career high for James. 


    Why Is It impressive?

    For LeBron to score a season high and set a career high in assists in the same game says a lot about what he means to the Heat. Although Sacramento seemed like an easy opponent, James had to contribute a near triple-double effort. Thankfully, for the Heat's sake, he didn't do it in vain. 

    The career high of 16 assists along with a season high of 40 points reminds us that LeBron is, in many ways, the best of both worlds as far as elite-level scoring and passing are concerned. He also managed to do all of this while only having two turnovers in 48 minutes of action.

    It was an incredible individual outing for James, but most importantly he did it in a winning effort to help Miami achieve a 12th consecutive win. 

Top 10 in Three Key Categories

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    Three of the most critical statistics in basketball are points scored per game, assists per game and field-goal percentage.

    These facets of the game relate to points scored as an individual, helping your teammates score and shooting the ball efficiently. These are key stats that all typically gauge the true efficiency and offensive value an individual represents to their team.

    Well, if you took a look a Bron's stats you'd realize he just might be the most valuable offensive player in the game. LeBron is within the top 10 in three categories, averaging 26.7 points per game, 7.2 assists per game while shooting 55 percent from the field.


    Why Is It Impressive?

    What makes these stats so impressive is the fact that LeBron is providing them on a consistent basis, and you also have to take into account that these stats express how efficiently he wreaks havoc on the offensive end.

    Not only is he efficiently averaging nearly 30 points per game, but he's making the game so much easier for everyone else on the floor. 

    His output and efficiency aren't just incredible to witness from an individual standpoint, but it's also mesmerizing to watch how lethally LeBron helps make the Heat work as a unit on the scoring side of the floor. 

Leads League in Efficiency

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    LeBron and effiency in the same sentence—I know you've seen it a lot, but it can't be stressed enough.

    According to the NBA's formula for calculating effiency, (check their glossary for more details on how it's calculated) LeBron is the most efficient player in the league


    Why Is It impressive?

    At the risk of sounding like a broken drum, efficiency is really the true gauge of a player's effectiveness. In other words, efficiency provides context behind all the big numbers and stats that tend to be blown out of proportion.

    For example, if a player averages 25 points per game but surrenders the ball over six times a night and shoots 38 percent, clearly, that is not an efficient output.

    So, despite contributing the 25 points per game, said player isn't doing it in a way that promotes collective rhythm for his team, and as result it hinders his squad as a whole.

    However, considering LeBron leads the league in efficiency, it's an indicator that all of the stats he's putting up are actually productive and helping his team rather than hurting it for the sake of stat padding.

    Other than turnovers or personal fouls, to lead the league in any category is a tremendous accomplishment. 

31-Point Triple-Double Against Toronto

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    So far this season, LeBron has three triple doubles. Without a doubt, the most electrifying of the three was at home against the Toronto Raptors.

    LeBron exploded for 31 points 11 assists and 10 rebounds while shooting 52 percent for the game. 


    Why Is It impressive?

    LeBron did what he does best: make the incredible look effortless.

    Jason Kidd is the only active player in the league with more triple-doubles than LeBron, so to see him add another triple-double to his belt is impressive; especially when he did it in the process of scoring 31 points in an overtime thriller. 

LeBron Leads the Heat's Streak Toward History

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    Remember that game LeBron had in Toronto to begin his six-game 60 percent shooting streak? Well, he started another streak that game, too, but this is a team streak rather than an individual one.

    In case you haven't heard, the Heat have made NBA history as the team with the second-longest consecutive win streak in NBA regular-season history at 23. 

    While the 1971-72 Lakers still hold the all-time record with 33 straight wins, the Heat have the opportunity to match or break the record considering their remaining schedule includes mostly sub-.500 teams.


    Why Is It impressive?

    If LeBron hasn't already solidified his case for MVP yet again, nothing else will.

    To lead arguably the best team in the NBA on a record-setting streak as the best player doesn't even begin to describe his responsibilities as a member of the Heat. 

    He is the primary scorer, primary distributor and, as evidenced by Dwyane Wade's praise, unquestionably the best player on the Heat.

    While he is undoubtedly surrounded by incredible, All-Star-caliber talent and above-average role players, LeBron has ultimately been the primary catalyst of this incredible, second-best all-time streak. 

    As evidenced by LeBron's leadership and consistent production on the floor, he is undoubtedly the primary reason for his team's success.

    While his individual numbers this season have been amazing, his team's record of 52-14 and their 23 straight wins are what LeBron James should be most proud of during the regular season.