WrestleMania's Hidden Gems: The 10 Best Undercard Matches

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WrestleMania's Hidden Gems: The 10 Best Undercard Matches
Photo: WWE.com (Roddy Piper fights Goldust at WrestleMania)

WrestleMania is usually built around a few big matches. They devote all of their extra time to hyping these feuds, and they are the matches that put people in the seats.

But that does not mean they are always the best matches on the card. Many times we have seen WrestleMania main events not live up to a match from the undercard.

You never quite know which match will end up as match of the night, and with the long list of great WrestleMania matches, there are surely enough undercard matches to make a top 10 list.

Now, what makes a match an "undercard" match?

An undercard match is anything that is not a main event or attraction match, meaning WWE and World title matches do not count. This also means some of the bigger non-title matches will not count towards the list because they are bigger than a title, so do not expect a lot of Undertaker's matches.

Matches featuring the IC, US and Tag titles all qualify as well as most matches that are not contested over a title.

Making this list was not easy. WrestleMania is filled with so many great matches that reducing it down to 10 was like choosing which things to take from your house during a fire (Wallet, poster of Richard Nixon bowling and if there's time, the kids).

Without further ado, I give you the top 10 undercard matches from WrestleMania.

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