Georgia Football: 5 Bulldogs to Watch During Pro Day

Brian JonesContributor IMarch 19, 2013

Georgia Football: 5 Bulldogs to Watch During Pro Day

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    March 21 is an important day for former Georgia Bulldogs.

    For former players like Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree and John Jenkins, it’s the last time they can impress NFL scouts, as representatives from most of the 32 teams will be in Athens, Ga. for UGA Pro Day.

    It’s been reported that 17 draft-eligible players will take part in the drills looked over by NFL scouts, but there are five players that NFL fans will have to keep a close eye on as they follow UGA Pro Day on ESPN 3.

    Here are the five Bulldogs to watch during their pro day.

LB Jarvis Jones

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    The Jarvis Jones workout could be one of the most anticipated pro day workouts in recent memory.

    With his health concerns, Jones has been an up-and-down player for most NFL teams.

    Jones was once on top of the draft board by many teams and experts, but since it was revealed that he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis when he was a freshman at USC, there is a chance he could be left out of the first round.

    Jones decided not to work out at the combine, but he will take part in the pro day. He does not need to have a great workout to improve his draft status, but if he does impress scouts with his workout, there will be a team in picking in the top 15 that will take a chance on him.

LB Alec Ogletree

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    Another linebacker that will garner a lot of attention is Alec Ogletree. Like Jones, he could also be a first-round pick.

    Ogletree had a solid workout at the combine, but that was overlooked because of his DUI arrest shortly before the workout for the scouts in Indianapolis.

    Now that some time has passed and Ogletree has not gotten into anymore trouble, scouts will be able to focus more on his in-field ability than off-the-field issues.

    The pro day should also help Ogletree solidify himself as a first-round pick. In fact, don’t be surprised if Ogletree is picked before Jones.

LB Cornelius Washington

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    One Bulldog that had a superb workout during the combine was Cornelius Washington, and he needs to have another strong workout during the pro day to improve his draft status.

    With his 4.55 time in the 40-yard dash and 36 reps in bench press, Washington was one of the more impressive players at the combine that is projected to be drafted in the later rounds.

    Washington will have a chance to show scouts that what happened at the combine was no fluke. If he has another strong performance at the pro day, he could be drafted as high as the second round.

CB Branden Smith

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    Branden Smith is one of the few Bulldogs that was not invited to work out at the combine, so this is his one and only chance to show scouts what he can do.

    Smith was one of the more versatile players on the roster as he could play cornerback, running back, wide receiver and return kicks.

    Why he was left out of the combine is a mystery, but a solid workout by Smith should help him be a draft pick by Day 3. If not, he will be picked up by a team as a rookie free agent.

NT John Jenkins

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    One player that doesn’t need to worry about being a late-round draft pick is John Jenkins because he is projected to go as high as the second round. However, Jenkins’ weight is an issue and he will have to keep it under control if drafted.

    Jenkins weighed 370 pounds in December but has gone on a strict diet since then. He had a strong combine workout in terms of showing his strength, but it will be interesting to see what he will go through during the pro day.

    This is an important workout for Jenkins. If he impresses the scouts, he could be an early second-round pick. If he has not-so-great workout, then it could move him down a round or two.