Famous 'Miracle' Speech as Performed by Completely Serious Ronald McDonald

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Clown speech, bro. 

If there was ever going to be a time when Ronald McDonald was needed to give a rousing motivational speech, it might as well be at the 4th Annual Allen Americans McDonald's Night.

Before you freak out from the clown overload, here is a bit more information from the YouTube page (h/t BuzzFeed). 

Ronald McDonald delivered an inspirational pre-game Miracle Speech to push the Allen Americans to a 4-0 win over the visiting Wichita Thunder.

Now let me continue by saying that I am a huge McDonald's guy. By huge, I mean fat, which is to say the thought of eating their fries gives me an emotional high that really is neither safe nor normal. 

However, I am not what you would call a "clown" guy. In fact, I have never met one person who actually loved clowns. Oh sure, there may be the select few who aren't completely terrified by them, but it may be safe to say nobody in the history of the planet ever had a clown itch they needed scratched. 

So it makes sense that a number of these hockey players are either holding back laughter or near tears from the emotional scars currently being ripped open. 

Then again, I may be wrong. We will let you decide which version yields the most excitement. Here is the same speech from the movie Miracle—a movie that was about something sports-related we can't remember because all we can think about now is clowns.

Silly pants aside, Kurt Russell seems to have a handle on the finer nuances of Herb Brooks' speech. 

Now if I want a nice meal and subsequent nap, I am going to you, Ronald. I may have to look elsewhere for my motivation. 

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