LSU Football: Week 1 Spring Practice Stock Report

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMarch 21, 2013

LSU Football: Week 1 Spring Practice Stock Report

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    New offensive coordinator Cam Cameron stole all of the headlines from the first week-and-a-half of LSU's 2013 spring practice.

    Cameron is changing up the offense with more spread formations and a quicker pace. As a result, certain offensive players are benefiting from these changes.

    Here are the players whose stock has risen this spring, as well as those whose stock has declined.

Stock Rising: Kadron Boone

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    Opening up the offense is sure to please every playmaker on the outside.

    With Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham making strides in 2012, everyone is wondering which receiver will become Zach Mettenberger's primary target in 2013.

    Will it be Landry, who looked to be the most athletic of the two? Or will it be Beckham, who's quickness and shifty moves always help him make big plays?

    So far, the answer is neither. Boone, who has always shared a great chemistry with Mettenberger, is having a great spring and is emerging to be a top receiver for the offense.

    It'll be interesting to see if Boone assumes the top receiver spot for the Tigers. With Landry and Beckham having better years last season, it seems doubtful.

    But hey, with Cameron opening things up for the offense, the position battles seem to be opening up just as much.

Stock Declining: Stephen Rivers

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    Stephen Rivers isn't making a lot of noise this spring.

    Considering that Rivers is Mettenberger's backup, there's little concern over this. However, there's another quarterback whose athleticism is making a loud roar.

    True freshman Anthony Jennings is impressing with both his legs and his feet under Cameron's NFL-type offense.

    This is exciting news for Tiger fans for years to come, but it's far from excellent news for Rivers.

    If Jennings outperforms Rivers this spring, we could see Rivers as a third-stringer, rather than Mettenberger's backup.

    Luckily for Rivers, spring practice is still young.

Stock Rising: Terrence Magee

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    Remember Terrence Magee?

    After playing running back and seeing some action in 2011, he moved to wide receiver and hardly created any impact in 2012.

    So far this spring, Magee has retained his old position and has had a solid showing.

    With Alfred Blue still working his way back to full contact, Magee has seen more reps, and he's even been the feature back in the Wildcat formation.

    LSU always teases the Wildcat in practice, but who knows, Cameron might talk Les Miles into letting him use it effectively in a game.

    If Magee keeps impressing this spring, he'll be the one to take the snap in the game.

Stock Declining: Elliot Porter

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    Elliott Porter came into the spring as the starting center for the LSU Tigers.

    The job is still his, but he has some catching up to do after missing the first few practices with a "medical issue."

    While Porter sits out the first half of spring practices, freshman Ethan Pocic and backup Josh Williford have taken snapping duties in his absence.

    Pocic is battling for a starting position on the offensive line, as he comes to LSU with a composite four-star label. Williford, on the other hand, is a utility player for the Tigers who has always stepped up when needed throughout the years.

    Porter's starting job may not be in jeopardy, but he can't be the starting center without participating in practice.

Stock Remaining the Same: Zach Mettenberger

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    While others battle for starting roles, the starting quarterback position remains Mettenberger's.

    According to Dandy Don, Metteneberger is obviously the most polished quarterback.

    We've all seen what Mettenberger can do, and if Cameron can improve his awareness and comfort in the pocket, he could give LSU a similar passing attack to that of AJ McCarron at Alabama.

    Mettenberger had his ups and downs last year, but he shined in SEC showdowns with Alabama and Mississippi State. Can he produce more of those performances next year?

    Will we see the Mettenberger against Mississippi State and Alabama this year, or will Tiger fans be subdued to his same performances against Florida, Auburn and South Carolina?

    At the moment, it seems like Mettenberger is competing this spring much like he did against Mississippi State and Alabama.

    Therefore, the offense continues to run through Mett.