Is Shaq the Only NBA Big Man Who Can Sell Shoes?

Lance FreshFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2013

Shaquille O'Neal has always been a fan favorite, no matter what jersey he wore.

Full of charisma, Shaq has received tons of endorsements over his career, and as an NBA on TNT analyst, he continues to be featured in numerous commercials and ads. It's safe to say "Shaq sells." This hasn't been an easy task for big men in the NBA, especially in the sneaker department.

Big men like Shaq who wear shoe sizes 20-plus run into the issue of making these big shoes marketable as the smaller-sized signature shoes of glorified guards. Maybe you spend so much time trying to get over the fact that they actually make a size-22 shoe, so you don't take a second to consider its stylistic aspects.

I remember friends in high school buying a shoe size smaller and removing the insole just to make their feet appear smaller. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Shaq, on the other hand, challenged the "Big men can't sell theory" with Reebok.

With an April re-release of his signature "Shaq Attack" and "Shaqnosis," sneaker heads are talking camp outs already! How does he do it?

Shaq collaborated with Reebok in 1993 to create sneakers that, 20 years later, are still in high demand. Can we say the same for any big man in NBA history?

I spoke with Shaq about his ability to sell shoes, an LSU teacher who doubted his marketability and his inspiration for the "Shaqnosis" nickname. Can any other big men sell like Shaq? Are you excited for the re-release of the "Shaqnosis" and "Shaq Attack"? Any Shoes?


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