TNA Hardcore Justice 2 2013 Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIMarch 19, 2013

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TNA Hardcore Justice 2 was taped on Tuesday, March 19 in Orlando Fla., and the event featured seven matches with many of TNA's top talents in action.

As part of TNA's new pay-per-view strategy, events like Hardcore Justice 2 and the Jokers Wild Tag Team tournament are taped and released at a later date. We'll have to see how this works out for the promotion, as this is just another way the Internet has impacted the world of professional wrestling.

Here is a breakdown of the results from Orlando, Fla., per


ODB defeated Jackie Moore in a Hardcore Knockouts Match

To no one's surprise, ODB defeated Jackie Moore. She continues to be the most impressive member of the Knockouts roster.

I'd love to see her matched against another female with a similar persona and size, though.


LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) defeated The Disciples of the New Church (Slash and Sinn)

I've liked LAX ever since they made their mark over seven years ago, back when the promotion still had an octagon-shaped ring.

On the loser's side, Slash and Sinn need a new gimmick. I'm generally tired of the New Church angle. It just doesn't have the same effect it once did.


Bad Influence defeated Generation Me in a Tag Team Ladder Match

This has been described as an amazing match, per Generation Me scored a nice victory in the taping of the Tag Team tournament on March 18.

In Round 1, they knocked off Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams before Team 3D ended their evening. They now find themselves on a two-match losing streak after Bad Influence hands them yet another loss.


Shark Boy won a Hardcore Gauntlet Match Over Devon Storm, Little Guido, Crimson, Sam Shaw, Funaki, Johnny Swinger, Gunner and 2 Cold Scorpio

Each man entered with a weapon, as Storm started with a crowbar and Guido had a Nunzio. I love these matches, especially when it features midcard talent.

Shark Boy may have one of the lamest gimmicks in professional wrestling, but he continues to be one of its best in-ring performers.

That's a fairly decent run of names he defeated considering the tier he competes on. Still, I wonder why Dean Roll can't have a gimmick that showcases his skills but projects a little more on the serious side.


James Storm, Magnus and Bob "Hardcore" Holly defeated the Aces and Eights (Doc, Knux, Wes Brisco) in a Six-Man Elimination Match

Aces and Eights may be riding high after Bully Ray joined the ranks, but it didn't help the faction win this one.

Storm, Magnus and Holly pick up the win. This was just the beginning of a rough night for the Aces and Eights crew.


Joseph Park defeated Judas Mesias in a Monster's Ball Match

Father James Mitchell accompanied Mesias to the ring. In the brutal match, Park bled and went into "Abyss Mode" to defeat Mesias.

I really like the Clark Kent/Incredible Hulk-like angle with Park, and that eruption led to the win over Mesias, once he was pushed to his dark place.

The guy doesn't look the part—and that's half of the appeal—but he's awesome on the mic and a very good performer in the ring, considering.


Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt defeated Team 3D in a Tag Team Tables Match

Hardy and Brother Runt made it a bad night for Aces and Eights in the ring. Not only did Storm, Magnus and Holly knock off three of the lower-ranked members, but Bully Ray and Devon fell flat as well.

Either way, it is still great to see the legendary team in the ring together. It's hard to know how much they will wrestle as a team with both having singles titles.


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