March Madness 2013: Expert Analysts Break Down NCAA Tournament Sleepers

Lance FreshFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2013

March Madness is finally here and people across the country are feverishly filling out their brackets in hopes of winning their pools. This college basketball season has seen its fair share of upsets, which makes selecting your Final Four more challenging than ever before.

Lesser-known schools like Belmont and Wichita State may be lower ranked than some of the powerhouse schools, but they have as good a chance as anyone to pull off some tournament upsets.

So when you fill out your bracket, keep these under-the-radar teams in mind, as they have a good chance of playing for the championship in Atlanta. 

I caught up with a handful of expert analysts to find out which teams they thought could sneak up on the competition and make a deep tourney run. 

Who is the biggest sleeper in the tournament? Which sleepers are being overhyped? Comment below!


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