15 People in Sports Who Can Really Take a Punch

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2013

15 People in Sports Who Can Really Take a Punch

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    Though most people don't want to see a fight on the athletic field, sometimes people just let their emotions get the worst of them.

    And trust us, it sucks to get punked out when some other player tosses their fista cuffs your way.

    But just because you get hit, doesn't mean you have to go down.

    That's why we're acknowledging these athletes who have proven how badass they are by taking a punch and brushing it off as nothing more than just a love tap.

Robin Ventura

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    You knew we just had to start with this one, right?

    In one of the funniest—and most random—of baseball fights, the former White Sox third basemen took numerous hits to the face and head by the Hall of Fame pitcher, Nolan Ryan.

    With the gap between their ages—Ryan was 46 and Ventura 26—it honestly looked like a schoolboy going after his teacher or something.

Abby Wambach

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    Abby Wambach is to team USA as Tom Brady is to the Patriots. She's the most skilled and hands down leader of her squad.

    So when the striker got sucker-punched during a match last year, one would think her teammates might try and retaliate for her.


    The classy Wambach did what any great player does—let her play do her talking when she scored a goal in the 74th minute in a 3-0 win.

Richard Sherman

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    In any other normal situation, there are few people who would actually stand up to a massive man who ways well over 300 pounds.

    Then again, Seahawks' CB Richard Sherman has proven to do a lot of irregular things during his short-lived career thus far.

    Him taking the right paw of Redskins OL Trent Williams just goes to show how tough he really is.

Carmelo Anthony

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    Carmelo Anthony gets his props later in the article for delivering the blow, but he takes the brunt of it in this particular case.

    We know—It's not necessarily a shot to the face, but come on, every single guy sympathizes with Melo after getting hit in the ol' family jewels.

This Pistons Fan

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    While the poor fan Ron Artest attacked should also be recognized as holding it down while getting lit up, this Pistons fan grabs our attention even more.

    It's crazy enough to get hit by a professional athlete, but it's borderline insane when that athlete happens to be 6'10", and slides into you from about eight feet away.

Jordan Barncastle

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    Brittney Griner is absolutely the most dominating girl in women's basketball today, so to see someone stand up to her is probably a little rare.

    But that's what happened when Tech's Jordan Barncastle took exception to the 'bow Griner tossed her way, causing a shoving reaction.

    That's when Griner went after her with a punch straight to the kisser.

    Barncastle may have been left forced to put on a little extra make-up the next day, but for holding it down while getting hit, she proved to be a tough lady.

These Baseball Players

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    Boys will be boys, huh?

    After being caught in a rundown between second and third, UC Riverside player Eddie Young took offense to the extracurricular shove given by opposing player, Sacramento State's Andrew Ayers.

    While Young popped Ayers in the face, he took it like a damn champ, sacrificing only his sunglasses as the rest of both dugouts poured onto the infield.

Miami (FL) and Florida International Players

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    Any one of the 31 suspended players proved that they knew how to not only toss around opposing players, but dish out some punches too.

    Located within nine miles of each other, these two schools gave us one of the craziest fights in college football.

Michael Barrett

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    Before the many other instances involving Carlos Zambrano losing his cool, Michael Barrett was the unfortunate person who received a fist to the face. 

    Maybe Big Z should consider getting into the ring or something as his next career? It's clear he needs to take his aggression out somewhere else.

Jared Jeffries

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    Most fans probably wouldn't include Jared Jeffries on their ultimate hardasses list, but after seeing this video, maybe we should reconsider?

    We typically see a couple pushing and shoving matches every year in both basketball and baseball, but they rarely get out of hand like this did.

    The fact that you can hear a "pop" when Carmelo Anthony lands his fist against Jeffries' chin shows how hard this thing really was.

Kenny Frease

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    This is one of the craziest fights we've ever seen, but what's most impressive is the fact that Xavier's Kenny Frease is able to take a firm fist right to the noggin.

    It may have busted open, causing blood to run down his face, but that just makes him look more badass in our opinion.

Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson

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    As former teammates with the Hornets, maybe this bad blood boiled over from who was considered "The Man" while still residing in Charlotte?

    Whatever the reason was for the fight, both Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson were able to swing at each other and absorb a couple hits.

    But let's be honest, we remember this fight for Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy's leg-grabbing stunt while laying on the floor.

Stephen Davis

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    With all the punishment an NFL running back has to endure throughout their career, we're guessing an absolute pounding from one of your teammates isn't one too high on the list.

    But that's what happened when Stephen Davis got beat on like he was an arch enemy of wide receiver Michael Westbrook.

Anyone Involved in This Hockey Fight

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    We'll go ahead and tell you that this lasted an astounding 17 minutes long, so any of the skaters who got involved deserve a round of applause—assuming they didn't break their hands brawling.

    This is our personal favorite hockey fight, but we could have easily given a ton of other ones that show multiple guys taking a straight haymaker to the face. 

This Overzealous Guy

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    As with most people who step onto the canvas inside a ring, this guy overestimated how crazy he really was.

    Sure, he was able to withstand about 10 punches to the dome—including a couple of his own pounding—but it was that 11th that proved to him he probably wasn't as tough as he thought.