Andrew Wiggins: Top Recruit Should Not Be Swayed by NCAA Tournament Success

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2013

Photo courtesy of 247 Sports
Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Andrew Wiggins has an opportunity to go to some of the best programs in college basketball. However, his decision should not come down to how the teams do in this year's NCAA tournament.

According to 247 Sports' composite rankings, Wiggins is the No. 1 recruit in the entire country. The Huntington Prep star will make a huge impact wherever he goes and he will likely leave for the NBA after one season.

Still, choosing the right college is an important decision. Various degrees of exposure and playing time will affect long-term success, while each coach will have a different method of getting the best out of a player's ability.

With this in mind, Wiggins has narrowed his choices down to Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida State. According to Eric Bossi of, he recently completed his official visits to each school.

Each program offers something unique for the small forward and none of them would be considered a bad decision. However, it is human nature to think about current success. If you want to play for the best team, simply look to see which team is the best at the end of the year.

The old question of "What have you done for me lately?" could help narrow his choices down in a hurry.

Florida State and Kentucky both missed the NCAA tournament and will compete in the NIT instead. North Carolina and Kansas could end up playing each other as soon as the Round of 32 in the Big Dance, with the Jayhawks being favored as the No. 1 seed.

However, this year's success (or lack thereof) will have very little bearing on what happens next season.

Kansas will lose at least four starters to graduation and most likely five if Ben McLemore declares for the draft. Kentucky will also start over with a new class of one-and-done players after the current group enters the NBA. 

UNC and Florida State will also lose some players, but they will also be much improved as the underclassmen gain more experience.

In reality, every single one of these schools should be in line for a big year next season. While the Seminoles might have a bit harder time compared to the rest, the addition of Wiggins would make this an elite squad.

Therefore, it is important not to judge the coaches or schools on this season when better things could be on the horizon next year.

Finally, and this might sound selfish, but team success is not the most important thing for Wiggins. The talented player has a long future ahead of him at the professional level. He simply needs to pick a program that best prepares him for that.

This might not necessarily be the same school that will help him win a national championship.

If Andrew Wiggins watches college basketball over the next few weeks, it better be as a fan and not for research for next season.


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