WWE Fantasy Booking: Antonio Cesaro

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMarch 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

WrestleMania 29 is almost here, and it’s becoming clear that several very talented WWE Superstars are in danger of being left off the card completely. 

One of those stars is United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, who still doesn’t have a feud lined up for the biggest pay-per-view of the year and ultimately may not get one. 

While we can’t say it’s surprising to see one of the WWE’s midcard titles continue to get overlooked, most of us can agree that Cesaro is one of the WWE’s top up-and-comers and deserves to be highlighted at “The Showcase of the Immortals.”

With only two and a half weeks left until WrestleMania 29, that doesn’t seem likely. But here’s some last-second booking that I would utilize to give Cesaro something to do at WrestleMania—or at least beyond it. 

Although Cesaro has somewhat scaled back on this as of late, he would once boldly and consistently proclaim that no American would ever beat him for the United States Championship. As most of us noticed, however, he limited that statement to Americans only.

The WWE, of course, is called “World Wrestling Entertainment” for a reason, and that’s because it doesn’t just feature Superstars from here in the United States of America. It features guys from Canada, Mexico, England, Puerto Rico, Japan and all over the world. 

That, of course, makes it very easy for any foreign-born Superstar to prove Cesaro right. Maybe no American Superstar can beat Cesaro, but perhaps a foreign one could. 

This would be a really simple storyline—almost too simple, in fact—for the WWE to book. Cesaro could brag about all the Americans he’s beaten so far in the WWE when out comes a foreign Superstar who’s ready to prove that he can beat Cesaro for the United States Championship.

Take your pick from a long list of Superstars as to whom that guy would be. My pick? Either Chris Jericho or Christian.

Y2J and Christian would both make a lot of sense for many of the same reasons. 

For starters, Christian and Jericho are both from Canada. They are widely considered to be two of the best Canadian Superstars of all time, which means that they could both prove to be perhaps the most viable threats to Cesaro’s lengthy title reign.

Since Y2J is an American-born Canadian and Christian a full-blooded one, it would be incredibly easy for them to simply interrupt a Cesaro promo and let Cesaro know that they’re not American—and that he can’t beat them.

Of course, what would also make either of these feuds work is that neither Christian nor Jericho has ever won the United States Championship. Both of these men have racked up a ton of titles throughout their storied careers, but the US title is one of the few that have evaded their grasps.

That’s another possible story arc here, too. Both Jericho and Christian are nearing the end of their careers, so neither guy wants to call it quits for good without capturing one of the few singles titles that they’ve never been able to win. 

In Christian’s case, it’s one of two active titles that he hasn’t won. In Jericho’s case, it’s the only active title that he hasn’t managed to win at some point in his career.

It would therefore make perfect sense for both Jericho and a returning Christian to want to end Cesaro’s reign by winning their first US Championship. It might make a little more sense for Christian to be the man who does it, though.

Because it’s been so long, it would be awfully easy to forget this. But does anyone remember who Christian appeared to be igniting a feud with before he was written off of TV last year? That’s right—it was Cesaro.

Cesaro and Christian seemed to be in the early stages of a United States Championship feud before Christian took a hiatus from TV to have shoulder surgery, a hiatus that he still hasn’t come back from.  Well, at least not yet.

With Cesaro currently stuck in No Man’s Land and Christian reportedly ready to return, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the WWE to reignite this rivalry.

Christian doesn’t figure to be a main-eventer in a suddenly crowded WWE upon his return, but he definitely brings a lot of value to the WWE and could easily slide into position as an upper midcarder. There wouldn’t be many better foes for him than Cesaro, either. 

Cesaro needs something to do, and even if he’s still going to get left off of the WrestleMania card, that doesn’t mean that a potentially great feud with Christian can’t still happen.

A well-booked rivalry between these two could last several months and finally give Cesaro the substantial rivalry that he really hasn’t had as United States Champion.


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