Twitter Reaction to Titus O'Neil's Alter Ego Rufus "Pancake" Patterson

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 19, 2013

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In the tradition of Dude Love and Santina Marella, Titus O'Neil created an alter ego named Rufus "Pancake" Patterson, but how did WWE fans respond?

Monday's Raw opened with The Prime Time Players interrupting John Cena. O'Neil came to the ring decked out in an afro wig and a set of coveralls. He told the Pittsburgh crowd that folks call him Pancake because he flattens people.

Was the act hilarious or a flop? It depends on who you ask.

Like with most things WWE, the WWE Universe both loved and hated Pancake Patterson. Either way, it trended on Twitter, creating enough buzz for WWE to consider continuing the character.

A fan known as Bearded Theo helped explain why Pancake was so good.

Several fans discussed giving Pancake more airtime. O'Neil would certainly be happy to be a bigger part of Raw regardless of which role he played, Pancake included.

Christopher Walder, a Toronto Raptors fan and sportswriter, even proposed that Pancake wins a title.

If Pancake's momentum continues to grow, that idea may not be so far-fetched. The Intercontinental title isn't too prestigious at this point to go to a comedy character. Refer to Santino Marella's title run for proof.

New Age Outlaw, Road Dogg chimed in on the Pancake character as well.

His made-up backstory is a part of the fun that fans and WWE stars alike are having, thanks to Pancake. It's certainly not a character in the vein of Steve Austin or Randy Orton, but could be an entertaining part of Raw in the future.

This fan even wondered if Pancake played football. Since the Steelers are now without James Harrison, perhaps Pancake can fill in.

Not everybody was thrilled with WWE's newest goofball character. Not everyone was having fun with it on Monday.

Rowdy Roddy Podcast was among the many folks who just didn't get the joke.

It's not complicated. Pancake is just a silly bit of fun, a touch of comic relief in a world of anger, revenge and violence. We'll have to wait to see how WWE handles its newest character or if he fades out of the picture.

Judging by the buzz Pancake's appearance created, we haven’t seen the last of the elder statesmen  of The Prime Time Players.