NFL Announces Compensatory Draft Picks for 2013 Draft

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2013

The NFL doled out 32 extra picks in the 2013 NFL Draft as it awarded compensatory selections based on the free-agent activity of the teams prior to last season. 

You can find a full list of the compensatory picks in this press release by the league. 

These picks are all tacked on at the end of rounds. This year, they will be assessed at the ends of rounds No. 3-7. 

The Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans (in that order) are the only teams to receive a compensatory selection in the third round. 

As the NFL points out in the release, the league determines the how many picks a team will receive by the net total of free agents loss vs. acquired. No team can receive more than four picks.

So, if a team signed two free agents last offseason and watched four head elsewhere, that team could expect two compensatory selections. 

The position of these picks is deduced by taking into account talent lost vs. talent gained.

As it is explained in the release, this formula is "based on salary, playing time and postseason honors."

Using that formula, the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants will both receive a compensatory selection despite not losing more players to free agency then they gained. 

The 2013 NFL Draft begins on April 25. Here is a list of which teams received picks and how many extra selections they were awarded.

As you'll probably notice, it is a bit of a case of the rich getting richer as three of the last four teams standing from last season's playoffs are three of the four teams to receiver three or more selections.



2013 Compensatory Picks Gained

  1. Atlanta 4: one pick in Round 4 and three in Round 7 
  2. Baltimore 4: one pick each in Rounds 4, 5, 6 and 7 
  3. San Francisco 3: one pick in Round 4 and two in Round 7
  4. Tennessee 3: one pick each in Round 3, 6 and 7
  5. Cincinnati 2: both in Round 7
  6. Detroit 2: one pick each in Rounds 4 and 7
  7. Houston 2: one pick each in Rounds 3 and 7
  8. Kansas City 2: one pick each in Rounds 3 and 6
  9. Miami 2: one pick each in Rounds 5 and 7
  10. Seattle 2: both picks in Round 7
  11. Green Bay 1: Round 5
  12. Indianapolis 1: Round 7
  13. New York Giants 1: Round 7
  14. Oakland 1: Round 6
  15. Philadelphia 1: Round 7
  16. Pittsburgh 1: Round 6