Wingsuiters Laugh at Danger After Soaring Between Rio De Janeiro Buildings

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 18, 2013

Two wingsuit masters decided to jump out of a pair of gliders and soar through Rio de Janeiro skyscrapers. 

Deadspin spotted this video of Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Woerth dropping thousands of feet and expertly aiming their descent in between two buildings. 

Yup, this is definitely a "better them than me" scenario. 

The video does feature a good amount of NSFW language at the end. It's to be expected because, well, these guys just flew next to a freaking building

Sommer's YouTube account gives a little more information on the wingsuit jump and the timing that was involved.

"Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05"

Having a healthy fear of heights, the video had me from the start. There is something rather terrifying about seeing gliders that high in the air. 

Really, I would have been captivated just watching them fly around in the tiny gliders for a while, but then the two jump out and aim for Rio de Janeiro. 

Having never taken a wingsuit leap, I have no knowledge of how one manages to weave through buildings. I would assume a sudden gust of wind might be an issue.

Well, if you don't want to produce something akin to a bug going splat on your car's windshield. 

There are a ton of videos that grow stale on the Internets, but not these wingsuit jumps. You crazy people continue making them, and we will continue watching them. 

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