Seven Safest Pitchers for Fantasy Drafts

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Seven Safest Pitchers for Fantasy Drafts
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Will any of these pitchers be durable enough to match Phil Niekro?

People think that I'm a pessimist.

I focus on injuries and risk, but that doesn't mean that I root for them. In fact, I never root for injuries (and you shouldn't either.) Injuries take talent off the field and make the game a lesser event.

If MLB, or even a couple teams, would put more of a focus on preventing even a fraction of the $1.6 billion they lost to injuries over the last five seasons, it would have a far bigger effect on the game than anything aside from TV money.

Pitching injuries are the bulk of baseball's injury woes. I put together the Team Health Reports each year, which measure the injury risk of every starter in baseball. While you can read all 30 Team Health Reports, by clicking here, I often get asked questions about those rankings.

One interesting question this year came from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous since he's using the Team Health Reports as a major part of his draft prep for the National Fantasy Baseball Championships.

He asked if it was possible to break down the rankings by certain categories. One of them really intrigued me, but it couldn't be done from the outside since the underlying numerical ranking is not published. As a favor to him—and hoping that he wins his league again this season—I've put together the list for him, and for you.

The simple question—who are the safest pitchers in Major League Baseball?

"Safe" is a very relative term. Any of these pitchers could get injured this year, so by safe, take it to mean least risky or most unlikely to be injured. These are the Volvos of the baseball world. You can still get into a wreck, but you're less likely to get hurt in one. 

Pitchers like Roy Halladay and CC Sabathia show that even durable pitchers can eventually show the effects of their workload, but even so, it's smart to build your fantasy lineup around one of these pitchers, if you're lucky enough or bid high enough to get one of them. Let's take a look at who makes the cut and why these seven pitchers are among the best in the game.

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