NBA's Top Plays and Sickest Dunks from Week of March 11

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2013

NBA's Top Plays and Sickest Dunks from Week of March 11

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    The NBA season is starting to wind down, but the players are still providing fans with some incredible highlights on a nightly basis.

    From dunks to buzzer-beaters to great athletic displays, the stars of the sport never cease to amaze. Every time you think someone has created the ultimate play, another person comes along to top it the next week.

    In the week from March 11-18, there were too many exciting games for one person to watch them all. Fortunately, you can catch all of the top plays from around the league right here. 

Michael Beasley Slams Hard over Nene

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    Play Info: Saturday, March 16; Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards

    Michael Beasley was expected to have a lot more plays like this when he came to the NBA as the No. 2 pick in the draft.

    Still, the forward showed his raw ability on this play against the Wizards with a spin move and a hard slam over Nene.

    Phoenix would not mind a few more plays like that to help one of the worst teams in the league. 

Brook Lopez Is Mean to His Brother

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    Play Info: Tuesday, March 12; New Orleans Hornets vs. Brooklyn Nets

    Identical twins Brook and Robin Lopez probably played plenty of one-on-one games against each other growing up. Still, it is tough to watch Brook absolutely destroy his brother in the Nets win over the Hornets.

    Brook has always been the more accomplished player of the two, and he is now a key player on one of the better teams in the NBA.

    However, this slam over Robin was just mean, and the victim was probably thinking about telling mom after this play.

Dwyane Wade Finishes on a Long Alley-Oop from Norris Cole

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    Play Info: Sunday, March 17; Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors

    It sure has to be easy to play with high-flyers like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat.

    Against the Toronto Raptors, guard Norris Cole got the rebound and threw the ball about three-quarters of the court to Wade for the alley-oop.

    This is just one more example of Miami simply having fun while dominating the rest of the league on the current 22-game winning streak. 

Back-to-Back Buzzer Beaters to End 1st Quarter

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    Play Info: Friday, March 15; Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks

    It is not always the most graceful plays that make the list of top moments of the week. Sometimes it is just the highly unlikely ones.

    In this highlight, Johan Petro drains a long three with only 0.7 seconds remaining in the first quarter. While people were ready to head to the sidelines, Phoenix quickly got the ball and passed it down the court to Markieff Morris.

    The forward quickly got the ball off before the buzzer sounded and made the shot to keep the score close.

    While Atlanta won the game with relative ease, this was an incredible series of events to go into the first break. 

Al Horford Puts Antawn Jamison on a Poster

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    Play Info: Wednesday, March 13; Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks

    Al Horford has long been a great inside scorer and dominant rebounder, but he is not always the person to throw down a huge dunk.

    That was at least until he got a lot of air in a huge dunk over Antawn Jamison of the Lakers for two of his 24 points.

    Unfortunately, he could not get enough help and Los Angeles pulled out a much-needed one-point win at home. Still, Horford's dunk certainly rattled the rim and the opposition. 

Manu Ginobili Turns Back the Clock

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    Play Info: Saturday, March 16; Cleveland Cavaliers vs. San Antonio Spurs 

    At 35 years old, Manu Ginobili is not throwing down dunks with regularity. Still, he showed a bit of youth with his great finish against Cleveland.

    The guard split two defenders on the baseline and then was able to throw down an uncontested dunk with a great deal of force.

    With Tony Parker out, Ginobili has to pick up the slack for Spurs. He did that and more in this huge play against the Cavaliers.

Ricky Rubio's Smooth Moves

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    Play Info: Tuesday, March 12; San Antonio Spurs vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Few could have expected it coming in, but Ricky Rubio was the best player on the floor when the Minnesota Timberwolves took on the San Antonio Spurs. 

    The point guard finished with his first career triple-double in a 24-point win for the Timberwolves.

    On this drive through the lane, he made the Spurs look silly as he goes behind his back twice before laying it in for two points.

    At only 22 years old, you can believe that Rubio will have plenty more exciting plays like this in the future. 

Dribbling Is Overrated in Denver

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    Play Info: Monday, March 11; Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns

    People keep saying that the Denver Nuggets lack star power. However, this is an exciting team to watch regardless.

    One great example is on this play, where Ty Lawson gets an outlet pass off a rebound, but does not even take a dribble before passing it down the court to a streaking Kenneth Faried.

    With the point guard's vision and the forward's leaping ability, this is a play that has occurred plenty of times throughout the season. Until defenses wake up and hustle back on defense, this will continue to happen for a long time. 

Jrue Holiday Beats Heat Defense by Himself

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    Play Info: Wednesday, March 15; Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers

    Although the Heat still have not lost since the beginning of February, Jrue Holiday did about as much as he could to help his 76ers almost pull the upset.

    On this play, he beats Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade off the dribble before dunking over LeBron James. Ray Allen is the only one on the floor for the Heat not involved in the play at all. 

    This tied the game with just over a minute left, but eventually Miami pulled out the win. Still, Holiday continues to show that he is one of the best young players in the entire league. 

Blake Griffin Gets WAAAAY Up for Alley-Oop

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    Play Info: Sunday, March 17; Los Angeles Clippers vs. New York Knicks

    It seems like every night the Los Angeles Clippers have some sort of ridiculous dunk that makes all of the highlight reels.

    Last week, DeAndre Jordan threw-down a monster alley-oop over Brandon Knight. 

    On St. Patrick's Day, it was Blake Griffin's turn to shine after taking a lob from Chris Paul. He got his head at the rim and seemed to take out all of life's frustrations on the basket.

    There are plenty of good teams in the NBA, but few are as athletic gifted as the Clippers. It is clear that "Lob City" is still going strong in Los Angeles.