Ranking the Tag Teams Most Likely to Dethrone Team Hell No

T.J. BrennanCorrespondent IIMarch 18, 2013

Ranking the Tag Teams Most Likely to Dethrone Team Hell No

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    Team Hell No will soon lose the WWE Tag Team Championship. It’s inevitable. 

    But who will be the team to defeat them?

    Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston at Night of Champions on Sept. 16, 2012, to win the belts, and have dominated the division since. 

    The WWE’s tag team division is currently weak, but there are five teams that can end Team Hell No's reign as champions.  

    Let’s take a look at the teams likely to dethrone Team Hell No.

5. New Age Outlaws

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    If I knew for sure that the New Age Outlaws would definitely be competing more in WWE, they’d be higher on this list. 

    That’s not the case, however.

    They were most recently destroyed by Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw last week. The week before, they picked up a win over Primo and Epico on Old School Raw. 

    For older guys, they looked great. The match only lasted three minutes, but they still looked good in the ring after a long absence.

    One short run by the New Age Outlaws before they retire wouldn’t hurt WWE in any way.  

4. Team Rhodes Scholars

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    WWE needs to realize that it has a potentially great tag team in Team Rhodes Scholars. They are arrogant and cocky, and (sometimes) able to back it up.

    They’ve been in squash matches since reforming, and it’s sad to see. Team Rhodes Scholars could be great, if WWE allowed them to be. 

    Many people thought they would beat Team Hell No at the Royal Rumble, but obviously they were wrong. All the momentum Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes built up was lost when they were defeated.

    With an apparent second chance, WWE should attempt to build them up again. Their gimmick never gets old. They are the perfect heel tag team WWE needs to be competitive.

3. Brodus Clay and Tensai

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    Brodus Clay and “Sweet T” Tensai are the second-most entertaining tag team right now, right behind Team Hell No. 

    Their gimmick may be ridiculous, but they can get down to business in the ring. 

    In a weak division, Clay and Tensai can easily skyrocket. They’d make entertaining champions to say the least. As I said before, they can do work in the ring. They have great chemistry together. They can also move around the ring pretty well for big guys. 

    Clay and Tensai could definitely win the tag team titles. 

    If WWE ever decided to turn them heel, they’d be that much better. That’s unlikely though.   

2. The Shield

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    Before saying something like, “There are three of them. They can’t be tag team champs,” please remember the Freebird Rule

    The Freebird Rule means that if a tag team has more than two members, any two guys from the group can defend the title. For the tag team championship, it was most recently used for the Spirit Squad. 

    That’s enough about that. 

    The Shield has already gotten into it with Team Hell No, as seen in the video embedded to the left. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are ruthless and can definitely dethrone Team Hell No.

    But it doesn’t seem likely.

    They’re involved in a storyline with Randy Orton and Sheamus, and don’t seem to have their eyes set on gold.

    If they decided to go for gold, it could easily be theirs.  

1. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

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    The biggest threat to Team Hell No’s championship is Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. 

    Ziggler picked up wins over the champions this week. He defeated Daniel Bryan on Raw and took care of Kane on SmackDown. Langston got into the mix, attacking both of them after their respective matches ended.

    The WWE Tag Team Championship would be great for both Ziggler and Langston. Ziggler needs some momentum before cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. 

    Langston hasn’t done much in WWE except stand next to AJ Lee while Ziggler is in action.

    “The Show Off” and Langston have momentum on their side, and based on that week, it appears as if they will be taking on Team Hell No at WrestleMania 29.