Washington Redskins: Is The Future Now?

ROB YOUNG SR@HomeTeamZoContributor IApril 16, 2009

ASHBURN, VA - FEBRUARY 27:  Albert Haynesworth attends a press conference after signing a 7-year contract worth approximately $100 million with the Washington Redskins on February 27, 2009 at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia.  (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

OK, guys and gals, I know we are all going through football withdrawal. Which enhances the hype of the offseason. It's time to tone it down and start coming back to reality.

The main thing I want to deal with is what are our expectations for this team this season and moving forward?

The opinions on message boards and forums range from extreme frustration to extreme optimism.

I honestly believe that the team has come to a crossroad this season. It is very important to the future of this franchise to make the decision now as to what the plan is. It is time for Dan Snyder to make serious evaluations of Vinnie Cerratto and the entire front office staff.

There have been changes to the roster and the coaching staff, but above those areas, things have been the same for the most part. I say this not to judge or condemn the current group.

But there is one question that I believe should be asked at the end of each season: "How much have we improved?"

That one question covers everything concerning the franchise. Now, on the business end everything appears to be going quite well, tickets sell and merchandise flies off the shelves.

But the same can not be said for the football end of things. There seems to be a kind of deja vu happening here. The roster changes have been too few and far between and at a price that damages the future—too many contracts restructured, too many free agent signings, and too many draft picks squandered.

Last season things seemed to be changing for the first time in years. Multiple draft picks made the roster in some form. We found a young, talented football guy to coach. And everything started out great but fizzled out towards the end.

Already there is talk of the draft picks being busts and this season being do or die for Zorn.

But lets consider this, Coach Zorn was brought in under circumstances that where not set up for success. Yes, he got a veteran team, but some of those veterans are close to the end of their careers.

This is a roster in flux, and the question is, will Zorn get the chance to put together a roster and staff of his choosing? Will he get the time to groom Jason Campbell or find his own QB? Will this organization stick to its guns and give this guy the chance to formulate a plan and the roster to fit the plan?

And as for the fans, do we understand and are we ready to deal with what it will take to turn this team back into a serious contender once again?

This franchise used to be talked about in the same circles as the Steelers, Colts, and Patriots. We can be that franchise again, but we, the fan base, along with—most importantly—Mr. Snyder must realize what it takes.

The right people put in the best possible position and given the resources and the room to do their jobs. And PATIENCE!!