Ranking the Top 10 Dunkers in the NCAA Tournament

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Ranking the Top 10 Dunkers in the NCAA Tournament
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Even non-college basketball fans can appreciate the beauty and excitement of the dunk. It is the closest man has ever come to flying without the use of a machine, and there is just something about watching athletes skywalk over defenders that gets crowd members out of their seats.

With March Madness upon us, diehard college hoops fans and novice bracket pickers alike will be able to enjoy plenty of slam dunks in the coming weeks. Some will alter the momentum of a game, while others will serve as the exclamation points on tournament victories.

Since everyone has his or her favorite dunker and there are so many great ones across the country, feel free to point out who was left off the list in the comments section. Ranking the best dunkers is an inherently subjective practice, even if the excitement of a dunk is not up for debate.

Read on to see the best 10 dunkers in this year’s NCAA tournament.

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