Best and Worst Ejections of 2012-13 NBA Season

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2013

Best and Worst Ejections of 2012-13 NBA Season

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    This season's referees have been up and down all season long, especially when it comes to ejections. It's to the point where we can look at the list of ejections and find the best and worst with great ease.

    The NBA's referees are not known for their consistency in calls, so when a player ends up getting ejected for getting a bit out of line during a game, we always tend to judge whether or not it's a "good" or a "bad" ejection.

    A "good" ejection is easily felt out. We can determine that the player had done wrong, enough to warrant some additional action and we all move on.

    However, a "bad" ejection happens when a player does something questionable, but not bad enough to get run from a game, and is tossed out anyway.

    A good ejection can be made better thanks to the player's reaction or what he did to warrant the ejection. Because of this we can easily pick out the best of the best, along with the worst of the worst from the season so far.

    Some of the best have been downright classics, while some of the worst have been completely mind-boggling, while they're all conversation-worthy.

No. 4 Worst: Charlie V Goes for the Ball

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    Any time a little dude comes into the lane and takes it up against a big dude, there's the possibility of some rough video coming soon after.

    When Isaiah Thomas drove in against Charlie Villanueva in an early January game, Thomas tried to get past him while going up for the shot. So, Villanueva went after the ball as quickly as he could. Charlie V knocked him down and Thomas reacted unfavorably.

    While it was a hard hit, and it was most definitely a foul, there's no way you can look at this and interpret it as a flagrant-2.

    Villanueva is very clearly going for the ball, and what makes this seem worse than it actually was is Thomas' size and the subsequent reaction.

    It's just one of the cases in which the referees are trying to look like they're in control of the game when it's starting to look out of control.

No. 4 Best: Perkins and Randolph May Have Settled It

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    It wasn't so much the reaction or the reason for the ejection that made this little dust-up so intriguing, it was what came afterwards.

    Apparently Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins had been jawing back-and-forth for the duration of the game, and the referees had had enough when they started shouting across the lane at each other during a free throw.

    Randolph and Perkins each went to the back after being ejected, and a confrontation apparently took place by the locker rooms. There was some banging heard, and a few officers had to come separate the two, but the actual incident never really came to light.

    While Randolph did deny that any actual fighting went on, it's still one of the more intriguing stories of the year, and no real beef has been tossed around by either player since.

    It seems settled.

No. 3 Worst: Double Technicals Are Useless

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    In the only game Toronto Raptors fans got to see of Dwight Howard all season long, he didn't even make it past halftime.

    Howard had picked up a tech earlier in the game for arguing with referees, so he was on thin ice the rest of the way.

    He ended up bumping into Alan Anderson on the way back from a free throw, and the two exchanged a word or two.

    The result? One of the most useless rulings in all of sport; the double-technical.

    The league ended up rescinding the foul, giving the people of Toronto a post-dated "mea culpa" after taking away one of the league's most entertaining players.

No. 3 Best: Nate Baits Brandon

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    One of the best things to see when dedicating yourself to watching a basketball game is when a series of interactions between players that lasts the entire game.

    That's just what happened between Brandon Jennings and Nate Robinson when the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls met near the end of December.

    Robinson was tearing Jennings apart (relatively speaking) for the majority of the game. He was hitting deep three-pointers, knocking down jumpers, and he even squeezed in a dunk for good measure, genuinely frustrating Jennings.

    After he was called for an offensive foul on Robinson, Jennings had had enough. Instead of unleashing on Robinson, he took it out on the referee and was subsequently run from the game.

    Best of all, you can see Robinson flash a smile Jennings' way as he was headed back to the locker room.

No. 2 Worst: Carmelo Did What Exactly?

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    Sometimes a few words with a referee is too much, leading to a player's early shower. However, ejecting a player for simply looking at a referee is more than overboard, it's completely ridiculous.

    This was the first ejection of a technical-laden game and definitely the meekest of the bunch.

    Carmelo Anthony was upset about an offensive rebound, followed by a putback dunk by Joakim Noah, and it appears as if he merely takes a step toward the referee and looks at him a bit sideways before getting the technical.

    After that he has a few words, turns around and leaves, having been run from the game for furrowing his brow.

No. 2 Best: Larry Is Supportive

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    Apparently patronizing every official on the floor is a no-no, which Larry Sanders learned in a game against the Washington Wizards.

    Sanders was called for an offensive foul that he wasn't a big fan of, and he had a quick word or two with the referees.

    Instead of berating the referees, Sanders took the most hilarious route possible and gives each ref a sarcastic, enthusiastic thumbs-up.

    I'd say Sanders isn't planning to pull that move out in the future: He got ejected for his troubles.

    Regardless of the ejection, this definitely seems like a more fun way to deal with upsetting calls. Instead of a player losing his temper, a silly "attaboy" is much more entertaining.

No. 1 Worst: Rasheed Gets Chucked

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    For years now, Rasheed Wallace has been shouting at officials and getting himself tossed from basketball games. He knows from first-hand experience what is and is not a foul.

    Rasheed even schooled a referee about his rights as a player after shouting "Ball don't lie!" after a missed free throw by Austin Rivers, telling them, "I can yell. I can yell all I want. I ain't directing that towards anybody."

    You can imagine his surprise when he was ejected just a few weeks later for whipping out his famous phrase again.

    It's a fine example of the lack of consistency in NBA officiating, although it could also be construed as the NBA trying to finally stop his constant shouting.

    Wallace hasn't spouted off since, although that's mostly due to the fact that he's been out since late December thanks to a stress fracture in his right foot.

No. 1 Best: Amir Johnson Gets Mouthy

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    By far the best exchange between a player and a referee all season long came in Amir Johnson's mind-boggling exchange during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

    Apparently Johnson likes to rub the ball a bit before giving it back to the referee during a free throw, so when Johnson and referee David Jones met at the ball simultaneously, a tug-of-war began.

    A few words were exchanged, some incredulous looks, followed by an ejection.

    Frustrated at the call, Johnson chucked his mouth-piece at the Jones as he was being restrained by his teammates.

    Johnson was suspended for the next game and that was that, but we'll always have this strange exchange to go back to and laugh at with a puzzled look gracing our faces.