"The Zone" with Vera Zvonareva: Bats, Throwing Racquets, and Pranks

Sergey ZikovSenior Analyst IApril 16, 2009

The Zone: Thanks for tuning in today to the program, we've got a very special show for you today. We're planning on blabbing a little tennis, and a few other things with Russian sensation Vera Zvonareva.

Vera, as you may or may not know, is coming off a huge win at Indian Wells a few weeks ago and is currently ranked at number six in the world. How about that? Vera, welcome to the program. How are you today?

Vera Zvonareva: Hi! You know, I'm doing pretty good. I've got my match tonight against Virginie, and I'm going to try and do my best to win.

The Zone: Yeah, about that. Are you feeling confident about that one? It is a night match, after all.

Vera Zvonareva: You know, I feel pretty good. I've been playing a lot this year, and it's been all good!

The Zone: You aren't worried about bats or other flying objects being, I don't know, accidentally thrown on the court?

Vera Zvonareva: Huh? I don't know about any bats.

The Zone: Say a bat came down while you were serving and made you double fault. What would you do about that?

Vera Zvonareva: Aie, you know I'd probably throw my racquet at the dang thing (laughter)! It's a game, so you have to get angry sometimes.

The Zone: Wow, I wouldn't have guessed! Have you thrown many racquets in your career? You probably saw Roger Federer obliterate his racquet down in Miami about a million times. That was embarrassing.

Vera Zvonareva: You know, I've probably busted a good number of racquets. It's pretty fun; you should try it sometime. It really relieves a lot of stress. As for Roger, that was just funny! You definitely don't expect to see that out of him.

The Zone: You want me to try it now? I mean, we've got some extra racquets in the back room.  

Vera Zvonareva: Yeah, sure, let's try it.

Heads back to the closet and grabs some throwing racquets.

The Zone: Alright, let's do this. Is there any particular technique to throwing a racquet I should know about? Anything you do?

Vera Zvonareva: You know, sure there is. Do you want to break it or just throw it with some flair?

The Zone: Say I want to completely shatter this stupid thing. I hate this racquet, it's missed one too many shots.

Vera Zvonareva: (laugh) Well, you want to throw it so the frame hits the ground first. You know, you have to hold it sideways like this (demonstrates the racquet technique).

The Zone: So, like this?

Grab the racquet and smash it on to the ground. Ping!

Ahhh! It's music to my ears!

Vera Zvonareva: Sweet throw! You must have really hated that one!

The Zone: That was incredible, you have no idea. Thanks for the tips! Anyway, another thing. In your match the other day against Rossana De Los Rios, a fan threw some undesirable clothing on the court and asked if you'd marry him. What do you make of that?

Vera Zvonareva: Oh! You know, that was a very nice piece of clothing, just not my size! But yeah, I thought it was funny. He came up to me later and said he was sorry, so we had a little chat.

The Zone: About?

Vera Zvonareva: No way! Next question! (laughs)

The Zone: Alright, fair enough. Last topic here. If you were going to pull a prank on any player on tour, who would it be?

Vera Zvonareva: Oh, man. You know, that's a very difficult question! Does it have to be another girl on tour?

The Zone: Nah. Men's or women's side.

Vera Zvonareva: Definitely Rafael Nadal. I want to mess up those water bottles so badly! You know, maybe I'll go to his match today with Lapentti and hit some serves at them from the crowd. I promise you, I will do it some day.

The Zone: Best of luck to you there, Vera, and tonight against Ms. Razzano! But we all know you'll kick her right off the court.

Vera Zvonareva: You know, I'll do my best! (laughs) Thanks for having me!

The Zone: Our pleasure, Vera, you're welcome back any time. Hope to talk to you soon. Alright that'll about do it for our show today, our next guest will be fast rising Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro. So, 'til next time nut jobs, good day!