Titus O'Neil Interview: What Former Star Got Him into WWE, His Age and More

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WWE's Titus O'Neil is over the age of 30 and never had the experience of traveling the independent circuit for years working in front of 50 people. If it wasn't for the Internet and general easy access we all have to information, you would never know this about WWE's rising star.

Some would suggest a guy can't be a rising star at the age of 35. As O'Neil tells me in this exclusive interview I did on TribLIVE Radio with him, age is just a number. It's not just a cliche, because he has good evidence to support his mindset.

O'Neil reveals former world champion Batista is a good friend of his and helped get him into WWE as a wrestler. Batista is probably the most accomplished and well-known star of the past 15 years who broke into WWE while in his 30s.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and many others are known to have become big stars on the independent wrestling level before signing with WWE. They paid their dues. O'Neil doesn't have that background. He was an exceptional football player at the University of Florida and then went on to play various levels of football, including in the Arena Football League.

But you can't say that O'Neil hasn't paid dues to make it in the world of professional wrestling.

He's worked his way up over the years from WWE's developmental system to the show NXT, and he now maximizes every minute of television time he gets as one half of the Prime Time Players tag team. He talks to me about being up at 4:30 a.m. and in the gym by 5 a.m., something that not every talent who is combating the WWE schedule or travel can say they do. It's part of O'Neil paying his dues and making the most of his opportunity.

In the rest of the interview, we talk about how the Prime Time Players dance came about, the loss of his manager A.W. and much more.


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