Jack Swagger's New "Real American" Direction Is Bad Booking

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2013

photo by mattbrink via Flickr
photo by mattbrink via Flickr

Jack Swagger’s new direction is a victim of bad booking.

The former “All-American American” is now a “Real American,” partnered with Zeb Colter. Since his return in February, he has won the Elimination Chamber. He will go on to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Swagger’s road to WrestleMania is marred by poor circumstances.

Zeb Colter is just as much to blame as the WWE. Colter does great promos and is selling his character excellently. He truly is a great mouthpiece for Swagger, who has always lacked charisma.

Colter, however, doesn’t do a great job selling Swagger as a legitimate threat. He’s more focused on how to mold America in his image.

He’s feuding more with Del Rio than Swagger is. Take a look at their interaction during MizTV. Swagger barely said a word, and it was more about Colter’s image than Del Rio’s title.

Speaking of feuds, the WWE should remind their audience whom Jack Swagger is feuding with. It almost seems like they’ve forgotten all about it.

Swagger and Del Rio feud with other wrestlers instead of each other. Their only interactions were a run-in by Del Rio and Swagger staring daggers at Del Rio from across the ring.

We started to see more interaction at Main Event. Swagger chop blocked Del Rio during his match with the Big Show and cost Del Rio the match. The latest Monday Night Raw episode saw Swagger throwing Del Rio over the announcer's table after Del Rio's match with Cody Rhodes. He then locked the Patriot Act ankle lock on Ricardo Rodriguez.

However, it might be a case of too little, too late.

The quality of wrestlers Swagger has faced hasn’t helped when compared to Del Rio’s. Del Rio feuded with Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro in the past three weeks. Swagger feuded with Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, The Miz and Chris Jericho. With all due respect, Jericho and Miz were the only legitimate names on Swagger’s list.

It only gets worse for Swagger. According to FW4Online.com (via Wrestle Zone), Vince McMahon isn’t confident about the new Jack Swagger. The report states he’s over at live events but not on TV.

That doesn’t bode well for Jack Swagger’s future, so maybe he should beat more credible names. Maybe he should actually hurt Del Rio before their match.

Jack Swagger is a victim of bad booking even though he’s close to his title shot at WrestleMania. The future for Jack Swagger could have a chance of looking good, but unfortunately, bad booking really hurts.