NBA Players Who'd Own You on the SAT

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NBA Players Who'd Own You on the SAT
Rob Carr/Getty Images

One would likely not employ the phrase "a bastion of knowledge and intellectual exploration" to describe the NBA.

In fact, some players have given us sufficient evidence from conduct and decision-making to suggest that they don't even know what the letters NBA stand for.

But then there are the select few who keep large books in their lockers and spend time crafting math riddles and participating in historical reenactments.

These players know the definition of words like "calumny" and "effulgent," "obsequious" and "solipsistic". These are your typical nerds. 

Unlike in the 1980s when nerds could only choose between quiet desperation or taking revenge on the hated jocks, the nerdy among us are now accepted instead of bullied. They blend right in.

But if you look closely, you can find them. Here are 10 NBA players who could school you on any standardized test. 

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